GABRIELA is scandalized by Asingan Bikini Open

MANILA: I am from Asingan in eastern Pangasinan; male, I am scandalized that "Gabriela criticizes Pangasinan LGU for town fiesta bikini open" (09 April 2016, GABRIELA Women's Party, I learned that on Facebook. I am not going to allow Gabriela to go scot free for the story that insinuates that Asingan alone is scandalous as far as women are concerned.

The above image is my screen capture from ItVideo (, which says the images are from the Asingan Bikini Open of 2015. The vlogger says, "This is Asingan's hottest show, so hot that the audience were furiously fanning themselves!" I say that that is an exaggeration, because the climate of Asingan is really hot during summer, and the town fiesta is held in early April.

"Bikini Open" means contestants can come from any town or city in the Philippines, even from abroad, Balikbayan, not that the bikini is "open" for everyone to see. ItVideo above says only th…

Revolution Revelation

MANILA: It seems everyone, except me, is crying "Revolution!" over the Kidapawan incident, which some people call a "massacre" over at Bulatlat, Davao Today, Freeman, Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, Manila Standard Today, Philippine Star, Rappler, YouTube – I don't know whom I may have missed reporting. (Above mage from, which I posterized)
To some of you, it is right to cry, or point to:

"Violent dispersal of protesting farmers in Kidapawan provokes condemnation" – Janina C Lim (01 April 2016, BusinessWorld Online,

"Policemen fire at protesting, hungry farmers asking food aid assistance in Kidapawan City; 30 injured, 1 dead" – ANN (author not named, 01 April 2016, BicolToday,

"Churches condemn Kidapawan violence" – R Lagarde (02 April 2016, CBCP News,

Jose W Diokno's old outcry of "Food and Freedom, Jobs and Justice" – Ted Te (04 April 2016, Rapp…

Blame Forest Fires On The Poor!

MANILA: 2014 March 21: Above, you are looking at the tragic majesty of a forest fire, that of Mt Banahaw burning, from ANN (author not named, Manila Bulletin, One holy place, so many hectares burned. Now comes the El Niño year, 2016.

2016 January 22: "Fire continues to ravage 'sleeping beauty mountain' in Lanao del Sur" (Ali G Macabalang, Manila Bulletin, The fire was "affecting vast swatch of tropical rainforests in the watershed areas of Lanao del Sur," raging since Thursday. The most affected areas were the forest covers of Mt Pyagayongan and Mt Mapantao. Why the name? "Forest covers in both mountains look (have) the shape of a 'giant lady sleeping' (when seen) at dawn."

2016 March 28: Mt Apo is burning (Gideon Lasco, Pinoy Mountaineer, On March 26, the massive fire had already burned the summit.

2016 April 01: "Firebreaks, Education can save Philippine Mountains" (WWF, undated,…

Drive Thru. A musical from UP Los Baños

LOS BAÑOS: Drive Thru is a musical presented the other day, 05 April 2016, at the New College of Arts & Sciences Auditorium at UP Los Baños, 4 PM and 7 PM. My daughter Ela and I attended the last show. I'm going on 76; if you want to judge the 2-hour long musical by the reaction of my body, I did not feel tired after those hours of watching. I felt I was on to something new and intellectual. Drive Thru was an inspiration.

From the playbill, the synopsis:

Nico is a fourth year UPLB student struggling to graduate on time. He has a set plan for life: graduate, become a successful working man, and marry his longtime girlfriend Angeline. But on his trip from the province to school, courtesy of his newly licensed driver friend Sandy, he learns that things don't always go as planned. Sandy has an agenda entirely different from his own, and she accidentally gets him in a rut that (can) mean losing his chance to graduate and jeopardizing their friendship. Nico will have to decide …

Communicating What?

MANILA: Is UP teaching now about love? Last year, Paoloregel B Samonte, Valedictorian of the graduating class of UP Los Baños College of Development Communication, told his audience, "UP taught me genuine respect, and love, and genuine respect for all forms of love" (Jenny Rose Manalo, 06 July 2015, ISPEAK, I'm an alumnus of UP Los Baños and I think what this valedictorian said is not true. "Respect for all forms of love" is his own construction, not the University's. Under academic freedom, a bedrock principle of UP, an academic may have taught him that, but that's not the stand of the University. I must hear it from the lips of UP President Alfredo Pascual.

Anyway, as a Roman Catholic, gay love is not the kind of love I'd love to hear about, and from a graduate of Development Communication at that! How can development proceed when certain people create social noise, insist on their human rights and empower themselves over and above …

5 Open Secrets To Creative Writing. From the world's most creative writer online

MANILA: From one of my favorites, the Muppets: "Rainbows are visions / But only illusions / Rainbows have nothing to hide." They have nothing to hide, and they have something to show: blithe spirit, bright spirit in the midst of dark clouds – doubts, chaos. A rainbow is a perfect metaphor to encourage writers burdened by the inclement weather of the mind. 

Look at me: How can I write 17 long essays in 30 days with a rainbow of topics if my thinking is not unbelievably a rainbow of creativity? In my consolidated blog, A Magazine Called Love (, for several years now, I have this unchallenged claim: "Frank H, the world's most highly original, creative writer online."

So, here are those essays I published in the dates indicated:

2016 March 03 – "Attack of The Ateneo 400 and Historical Revisionism"
2016 March 05 – "Vision Is The Greater Part Of Statesmanship"
2016 March 12 – "Considering Mar Roxas"
2016 March 13 – "…

Many Kinds Of Deaths, Many Months Of Drought

MANILA: For those 5 rallyists killed, 100 injured, 87 farmers and 6 children missing (ANN, 02 April 2016, Bicol Today, – blame them all on all of them:

(1)Drought (2)Farmers (3)Rallyists (4)Leaders (5)Agitators (6)Local government units (7)Regional office of the DA

Blame the deaths on the drought.
First of all, blame those deaths on the drought that shattered the lives of farmers in North Cotabato (news and image above from John Unson, 30 March 2016, "Drought has dried up this rice field in Tulunan town in North Cotabato," Philippine Star, As you can see, the field is so dry you can easily start a fire. Drought is unforgiving. The drought has left the farmers hungry and angry. They held the rally demanding that 15,000 sacks of rice be released to them by government. I calculated that if there were 5,000 farmers in Cotabato, that will come to only 3 sacks to a family, which I thought was reasonable. Actually, the real problem was not thinking rice…