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Filipinos, redeem yourselves! Let your intelligence shine out and join The 2nd Revolt of the Intellectuals!

1. What Anti-Filipino Intellectuals Are Doing

Many Filipinos are making a fool of themselves at home and abroad. They are the anti-intellectuals. The anti-intellectuals are trying their best to make the Philippines a basket case. The anti-intellectuals are trying their best to make the Filipinos feel hopeless, ashamed of themselves.

It’s time to stop the anti-intellectuals from ruining our country! From running our lives! It’s
time for the new intellectuals to revolt against the old demagogues, old do-gooders, old tricksters!

2. The 2nd Intellectual Revolt of the Filipinos

A revolution has just started in the Philippines, and it’s intellectual. The first salvo has been fired, and it’s a book called:
indios bravos! Jose Rizal as Messiah of the Redemption.

An intellectual is one who uses both head and heart. Authored by Frank A Hilario, an Ilocano from Asingan, Pangasinan, the book portra…