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Paradigm shift for better or for worse: Gradual or sudden? Reformation or Revolution?A couple of hours ago, I posted at RP-Rizal Yahoogroup this (in italics); before I read anyone else’s reply, I want to post my own comments here (the ones that follow the italics):Revolution or Reformation?
The way of Andres Bonifacio or of Jose Rizal?In the face of the political turmoil that embroil the Philippines today, those questions are relevant in our society in the beginning of the 21st century as they were at the end of the 19th century: Which way to go? Whatever our persuasions, we can gain insight into the future by studying the past, right? For the purpose I propose that we think about the Ilocanos and why they shunned the 1896 Revolution in their own country.First of all, I take ‘Revolution’ as referring to armed struggle: either armed with guns or armed with knowledge. That definition should make my choice clear: Reformation. I am for a paradigm shift that is sudden, but the process to ef…
On Catholics & contraception. Or, I’m glad I can get you laughing. wrote 9 DecemberFrank,
Hmmm.....okay, I looked at your "Poverty of Logic" rambling again. You indeed gave it a good title as it does suffer from a poverty of logic. Here's what you said:
***Assuming (for the sake of argument) that there is over-population, why do you insist that the solution be artificial birth control (ABC)? Is ABC the only solution or the best we can think of? Gil, progress is not as simple as ABC!***
So instead of discussing ABC, you divert to "only solution." Then you further divert to "progress" and the question of its simplicity or complexity. hahaha
Humorous indeed!Also, you wrote: "Hey, CDV, Reason (also called Logic, or Philosophy, or Science) as well as Faith is a free country,...."
Really? On which planet? I haven't heard of those two countries on earth. Mars maybe? Or let me guess, you're just clowning around?CDVMy rep…