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Bringing out the truth, beauty & goodness

To show my faith in the Filipino now, here's my (new) English translation of Rizal's ultimate poem with all the truth, beauty & goodness it exudes in great spirit. Read it & feel the joy with which it was written. I compared 35 English translations, and my Top 10 translators are: #1: Frank Hilario> #2: Frank Laubach >#3: Nick Joaquin>#4: Luis Cabalquinto>#5: Juanito T Maramara & Patricio Confesor>#6: Mario Cerdeña Reyes>#7: Alfredo Veloso>#8: Yoshinaga Mikami>#9: Encarnacion Alzona & Isidro Escare Abeto>#10: Charles Derbyshire. For a free copy of my review & my/any/all 35 English translations, email me. Happy reading! If you want more on Rizal, click here.