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Steven Curtis Chapman Sings
The Blues & We Eavesdrop5 APRIL 2006: A RARE BIRD, STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN WINS HIS 50TH DOVE AWARD, SHOWING HE IS THE GREATEST CHRISTIAN MUSIC ARTIST EVER. MAY HIS DOVES INCREASE! AND HIS YEARS ADD ON TO SPIRITUALHEIGHTS.He wins, he loses, he hurts. Like every husband, every father, every songwriter, every singer, like everyone else. And he’s been to a maximum-security prison with Chuck Colson, who was Richard Nixon’s special counsel, feeling the deep pain of hopelessness.He’s a musical genius. He’s real. (Photo by Diana Morris.) In high school he had asthma. An American from Paducah, Kentucky, Steven Curtis Chapman is a whole lot extraordinary and entirely ordinary. He has the most number of Dove Awards in Gospel music history. One of his freshly original albums, ‘All Things New’ (released 2004) won for Steven his 5th Grammy Award (2005) but lost on music buyers. It happens to the best.He’s a believer. It was 11 September 2001, morning. The TwinTowers ha…
I love the Beatles, so I have to mention them here. In the great radical combination of Lennon-McCartney, John Lennon wrote the lyrics, Paul McCartney wrote the music – that was the collaboration, plain and simple. They did not co-write the lyrics, they did not co-compose the music. And the world of music will never be the same again, thank God for that. The Fab Four as one committee writing a song? Throw in Ringo Starr and George Harrison and you have four mindful individuals writing a song that would have been a disaster! The Beatles knew the Beatles. They knew how creativity works: alone. Another excerpt from indios bravos! Jose Rizal as Messiah of the Redemption
Filipinos as untouchables. Noli Me Tangere, Touch Me Not. The Untouchables. If you touch the Filipinos the wrong way, you will suffer an unmentionable indignity. That is how the world up to the 20th century treats the Filipinos. Stung, that is why in Europe in 1889, Jose Rizal annotates and publishes Antonio De Morga’s Sucesos De Las Islas Pilipinas (Historical Events of the Philippine Islands), the Spanish original being published in 1609 (De Morga 1997, annotated by Rizal, translated by Encarnacion Alzona), ‘in order to rectify what has been falsified and slandered’ (vii), referring to the civilized past of the Filipinos. Another except from indios bravos! Jose Rizal as Messiah of the Redemption
Biography is history. History is boring only if you think so, if the historian is, if the author is. Even if you’re not a historian – and I am not – why look at history as uninteresting, uninspiring, only so much dull gray matter, when you can look at it as fresh and new and radiant as the sunlight after the dawn breaks? Why should you allow historians to determine your view of history? Now then, you can change perspective and read this book and learn about:(1)secrets contained in ‘Adios, Patria Adorada’(2)the many things lost in the many English translations of Rizal’s last poem(3)how Rizal said the Jesuits greatly failed in education(4)where he did not realize he greatly failed himself(5)his happiness in dying for his country(6)his being the Brown Christ(7)Josephine Bracken’s true love(8)his ultimate dream for his country(9)the poem that has no title(10)why his last words were, ‘Consummatum est!’(11)the country he described but nobody noticed(12)learning love from an unknown lover (…

The Messiah Phenomenon. Or, The Great Philippine Search for a Redeemer

THE INTERNET IS A MESSAGE, A MEDIUM, IT MIGHT AS WELL BE A MESSIAH. THE IDEAL: The Internet is a message of universality, borderlessness, relationships. The Internet is a medium of communication characterized by openness, earnestness and high purpose. The Internet is a Messiah as it is all of the above, as it loves indiscriminately, as it offers hope to everyone, as it impacts on all tribes, as it attempts to inspire all people, as it comes in peace, and as it wields authority over all it surveys, a slave to no man. I know many a country that can benefit from such a Messiah if it were a person. The Jews did not accept Jesus as their Messiah because they were expecting a political Savior who would liberate them from their Roman oppressors. Today, in the Philippines occurs the Messiah Phenomenon of too many political Redeemers of their country. This is what prompted this little study so that the whole world can learn from the mistakes of the Filipinos – and the Filipinos can learn from th…