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Only one genius?
Question: Do the Filipinos have only one genius in their race, only Jose Rizal? Answer: Oh, they have too many! That explains why they cannot be united, they fight each other tooth and nail, they hate their own country, they hate their own people, they think they have all the answers.

BEing Ready?

Hemingway & The Grand Deception in
Terry James’ Rapture DialoguesIN HIS NEW BOOK, RAPTURE DIALOGUES, TERRY JAMES WRITES A TERRIFYING STORY OF CHOSEN ONES OF MANKIND BECOMING CHOSEN ENEMIES OF THE HUMAN RACE. THE WHOLE NOVEL IS A DRAMATIC IF UNNERVING TALE OF THE BATTLE OF GOOD AND EVIL BETWEEN 1947 AND 2001. AND BEYOND.The book is subtitled ‘Dark Dimension,’ published this March by Musterion Press (Sisters, Oregon: VMI Publishers). This paperback is a creative retelling of the Beginning of the End-Times prophecy, linking together an odd assortment of objects and events with people in power (State and Science): parchment from the cave of Qumran, reports on UFOs starting with the Roswell incident in July 1947, the Six-Day War of June 1967 in the Middle East, a secret US State Department project, Air Force families, a Reformed Church Pastor and his wife, a Jewish scientist, President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary Robert McNamara, nuclear physicist and technology-driven Edward Teller. (It …
The 3 Eternal Questions:
Truth, beauty and goodnessWhen some people talk about Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the President of the Philippines, they can talk neither articulately nor intelligently about her. She gets their goat! They simply condemn her as someone who is bad (black), implying that they are simply good (white), especially calling her as simply a liar, someone who cannot or refuses to tell the truth. That is because some people don’t look beyond their own truths. You will be surprised what you learn if you look beyondyour reach. Today, just a few minutes ago, I decide to look in the Internet what ‘arroyo' means and brings me to Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), which tells me that an ‘arroyo is an intermittently dry creek.’ Actually, the original reads like this: ‘an intermittantly dry creek.’ The footnote says that the Arroyo page was last modified 5 May 2006 by Phatty; I look deeper and it says the first entry was made by BDAbramson on 8 July 2005. Remember, …
Speaking in tongues, in Ilocano, in Tagalog, in English, the ones I understand very well, and speaking of translations of his valedictory poem poorly titled as ‘Mi Ultimo Adios,’ and I have read as many as 50, I prefer the ones in English, a tongue foreign to me, over and above Tagalog or Filipino, a tongue foreign to the Ilocano that I am. Now, why did Rizal write in Spanish and not in English or Tagalog? A lesson in targeting readers. You can accuse Rizal of being pro-Spanish, and you can accuse me of being pro-American; notwithstanding, Rizal knew his target readers, and I would not change that. He also knew Spanish better than English or Tagalog. He wanted to leave a message that his target intellectuals would understand and appreciate; he wanted to impress the Europeans that the Filipino had genius enough to master a foreign language, to impress the Spanish world (including territories of conquest like Cuba) that the Filipino was worth thinking for, that the Filipino knew how to …