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A Damaged Academe.

How can University of the Philippines
save the Ship of State?YUPEE/UP. UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES IS THE STATEUNIVERSITY: TODAY I REALIZE THAT THE FUTURE OF UP IS THE FUTURE OF THE PHILIPPINES, THAT’S WHY I’M UPSET. UP IS A DAMAGED ACADEME.When it comes to material wealth, millions of Filipinos are below the poverty line. When it comes to UP, we’re below ground level, not above either. Do the anti-Gloria Macapagal Arroyo UP geniuses recognize that, admit it? Some UP geniuses (inside and outside the University) are in an uprising of mind as they believe GMA the President has lost her moral ascendancy to govern the country. On my part, I don’t know of many great things the geniuses of UP have done for the country in the last 100 years. What I know is that before you point to the mote in your sister’s eye, please look into the mirror first. Genius or not, you have to mind your upbringing – and history.Historically, UP is the intellectual capital of the Philippines. It belongs in the up…
Golden Grains

These are golden grains to be sure, ears of corn that each promises to be delicious to the bite. If this is the picture of Philippine agriculture – and I have no doubt that it is – haven’t we reason to celebrate what modern technology (like Bt corn) has wrought to the Filipino farmer?

Me, I don’t want to celebrate yet. I’m thinking of other golden grains, those of rice, of which we also have plenty of. I’m also thinking of all these golden grains being processed by a machine called Value Added Agriculture, which we don’t have yet. One of the major objectives of Republic Act 8435, the Agricultural & Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA), which was passed in 1997 yet, is to promote ‘value-added processing, agribusiness activities, and agro-industrialization.’ Now, where are we in adding value to our golden grains? Nowhere.

We are not only 10 years late – in fact, we are 100 years late! Did you know that the State of Iowa started practicing value-added agriculture more than 1…