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Management: Relating is everything

Or, The Wizard of Rice who cultivated minds HIS NAME IS LESS IMPORTANT HERE THAN HIS WORLD-CLASS ACHIEVEMENT IN MANAGING RICE PEOPLE. HOW IMPORTANT IS THAT? RICE IS THE FOOD OF MORE THAN HALF OF THE WORLD’S 6,500 MILLION HUMANS. IN ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE, I GET 200 MILLION ENGLISH PAGES FROM GOOGLE IN 0.50 SECONDS SEARCHING FOR RICE.In case you wanted to know: The actual search entries I typed were: rice -condoleeza -“rice university” -tim -anne -“edgar rice burroughs” – the minus sign (not hyphen) means ‘by all means exclude in the search.’ And the search results were only the pages published in the Internet.Here’s a comparative data on the importance of subject knowledge based on Google search in number of English pages:81.2 million, Shakespeare
79.2 million, Lost TV Series
55.3 million, Al Qaeda
33.8 million, Beatles
31.7 million, Da Vinci Code
31.0 million, Bill Gates
22.3 million, Albert Einstein
19.4 million, Tiger Woods
17.5 million, Britney Spears
02.3 million, Princess Diana
01.6 million,…

The Eng Game.

Paradigm Shifts 3rd World –>1st World / Web1 –> Web3MY COUNTRY, THE PHILIPPINES, IS AT THE LOWER RUNGS OF THE TALL LADDER OF FIRST WORLD SUCCESS. ACTUALLY, OTHER COUNTRIES ARE JUST A BIT BETTER, NOTWITHSTANDING THEIR MUCH HIGHER WORLD RANKING. AFTER ALL, FIRST WORLD IS NOT ONLY ABILITY BUT ALSO SUSTAINABILITY, MORE SO EQUITABILITY.True, the Third World can’t compete with the First World; when it comes to Goods, we’re only That Good. But we can compete in Services, and that we are already doing (and we’re Topnotch) – except that we’re doing it half-consciously, haphazardly. That’s the problem! I am writing this to wake all of us up to the reality that the Philippines has the genius to become First World. As has Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.But how do we compete with the other Asian countries? We don’t. We use our head. Let us simply excel in what we’re good at. Let us simply be the best i…

Give thanks without ceasing.

Thank you, Fr Reuter!

Give much thanks to everyone you meet: You can afford it!If you are in the Philippines and subscribe to the pastoral text of Fr Reuter, unlimited text brought to you via your cellphone, as I do – if you don’t, you’re missing much – you will have noticed that the good Father keeps on giving thanks to God for this and that here and there this way and that way yesterday, today and tomorrow. For the list so far, 8 as of yesterday, I now turn to my blogsite, ‘My Reuter Almanac’ and give thanks I thought of and have been doing it:21 July: ‘Thank you, Lord, for the sounds of life – the child, singing; the mother, calling; the laborer, working.

20 July: ‘Thank you, Lord, for the sound of birds, chirping peacefully in the trees; for the sound of the doggie barking; for the sound of the breeze in the rustling leaves.

19 July: ‘Thank you, Lord, for the morning sounds of life in the streets; men going to work; women going to Church; childre…