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Maia, Islands of The Lost

IN MY WILD ROAMINGS AROUND THE WORLD, I HAVE ACCIDENTALLY DISCOVERED SOMEWHERE IN ASIA THE LOST KINGDOM OF MAIA. NOT SURPRISING – DISCOVERIES ARE ALWAYS ACCIDENTAL: PENICILLIN, THEORY OF GRAVITATION, HYBRID RICE, DNA, THE PHILIPPINES, PETER PRINCIPLE, CONTINENTAL DRIFT, AMERICA.Maia is actually many islands; I am intensely studying the Maians now, living with them. The land is triangle in shape; the people are square in their outlook of life. The Maians believe in a Trinitarian God and the country belongs in the Third World and can’t get out of there.The good old lost kingdoms have always fascinated me since high school, stretching back almost half a century, beginning with Atlantis. Agile and brave, Tarzan himself lived in a lost kingdom of good apes and bad men; if that sounds familiar, that’s art imitating life. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan’s creator, wrote another story, that of The Lost Continent, but that too was entirely fiction and I’m not in the mood for fiction right now. …