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Watching Charlie's Angels again.

Rediscovering Filipino Genius
‘Speak English, Bitch’ by Pheirser
By Frank A HilarioI’ll tell you about Filipino values first.Saturday, 27 January 2007. We are watching Charlie’s Angels again, for the nth time, this one starring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz; Sam Rockwell is the villain who plots to assassinate ‘Charlie’ (Charles Townsend), the Angels’ mysterious boss, who remains unseen and talks to the girls mostly by radio, in the office. ‘We’ includes three of my children: Neenah, Edwin, Graciela. You should see the attention being paid: rapt.It used to be that it was only my wife and I who were watching Charlie’s Angels, many many years ago, when Farrah Fawcett Majors was a star and Kate Jackson, Jacklyn Smith and later Cheryl Ladd were in orbit around her. Farrah was terribly good-looking; it was all good storytelling, this original Charlie’s Angels was; and so is this revival, if all a bit fantastic. It’s worth watching again and again, more so because this remake, direct…

Clues to genius.

Word Processing: A History
Of An Idea That Time Forgot‘Sun OpenOffice Writer Next’ by Frank A Hilario, January 2007By Frank A HilarioWhen I look at the word processing (worping) genius that went into the making of either OpenOffice Writer 2006 (which imitated Word 2003) or Microsoft Office Word 2007(which imitated no one, being revolutionary in its interface), I'm unhappy. Neither comes close to my idea of an excellent, not to mention a genius word processor (worp).I started worping 21 years ago, on 29 December 1985, with WordStar. Worping has since been my bread and butter, you might say. Reading ‘A Brief History Of Word Processing’ by Brian Kunde, written in 1986 (2001,, reminds me of my idea, at least 10 years old, that what is wrong with worping is that it has not grown up from the genius of processing words to the genius of processing ideas. The personal computer (PC) used as a worp is still merely a glorified typewriter. Because that was what worping was design…

Tradition, Bible & Church.

How The Bible Came About
The Jerusalem Bible’ by Frank A Hilario, 2007
By Frank A HilarioThe image you see is that of our 15-year-old copy of The Jerusalem Bible that I just scanned with our half-year-old Epson Stylus CX3700 all-in-one (scanner, copier with enlarger & reducer, printer); I tore off the old plastic cover imperfectly and I liked the jagged design so I left the plastic on – it reflects on this topic.Why do I mention the ages and other aspects of those two objects? Because one is of ancient origin and the other is of modern history. And because today must relate to yesterday. And because I want to introduce the fact that the years are important; as tradition is made up of years of theory and practice (even if the words ‘theory and practice’ are not used in discussing tradition).Unlike other faiths, the Roman Catholic faith is built on three rock-solid foundations: one, Holy Tradition; two, the Bible; and three, the Living Magisterium, the teaching authority of the Church…

Gawad Kalinga.

Village Up! Building Live, Building Lives‘Wrath’ by Eazy360Gawad Kalinga is a phenomenon for two reasons. It improves on the American phenomenon of Habitat for Humanity; and it improves the image of the Filipino as a builder not only of houses but more so of lives. That's creativity at its humanitarian finest.I have chosen the image above, on the wrath of typhoon Xangsone (Milenyo) visited upon the Sorsogon City Hall to indicate that even when a devastation like that occurs, after a dark night, you can see the morning. ‘Ugly (or sad) and beautiful at the same time,’ says Drive By Shooter (Flickr), and he is right. The image shows both emptiness and fullness of promise. This solid shell of a building will inspire Sorsogon City to rebuild.What about the not-so-solid shells of houses of the poor not devastated by the typhoon not only in Sorsogon City? Government critics will easily point to those in government and say they have not done enough. What about those not in government, who…