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Primate Change? Or Climate Change?

You Choose! – The Blogal Village Voice
The Blogal Village Voice
By Frank A HilarioIn my primate mind’s eye, right in the forefront of country-to-country efforts to mitigate Global Warming, I envision Blogal Warming, a rise by 2 degrees Celsius in the body temperature of primate bloggers all over the world to the level of passion in their advocacy for AGreaner World, greener & cleaner. Personally, only last month, I found that a damn good reason to write more ardently, not the least to blog more arduously, to fever-pitch. Normally, before this, I had been held prisoner by other primal interests.Primates of the world, unite: You have nothing to lose but your chains!Consider this Frank Hilario’s Blogal Warning, a 3-decades-delayed response to Al Gore’s Global Warning: We need to change perspective about Climate Change. Houston, we have a problem. The Global Village is fact in that the electric impulse connects us all through the Internet, as Marshall McLuhan predicted, yet the Global V…