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Faith, hope, love & insight.

The Basic 4 Of Creativity
'Light & Shadows, Coming & Going' by Gloria
By Frank A HilarioThere is unity in diversity - if you can find it. This post is in fact a collection of Pages with their individual titles written over 28 days, 01 May to 28 May. I have decided to collect them as one post because the titles for Pages are too small to be readable by a reader, namely me, and I don't know how to change it. I also want to put in a photograph. Readability is always #1, even if it is only a question of font size.i, GLORiA Today, 1 May, I was reading Carl Jung's Modern Man In Search Of A Soul (1933, Harcourt Brace & Company), I mean I was browsing, and when I reached page 226, I saw this:There are many well-educated patients who flatly refuse to consult the clergyman. With the philosopher they will have even less to do, for the history of philosophy leaves them cold, and intellectual problems seem to them more barren than the desert. And where are the great and w…

Goodbye, Julia Campbell: Redux

Or, The Journalist Who Became The StoryBy Frank A HilarioThis is a horror story thrice told.One: Ms Julia was murdered in my country, the Philippines, which she had learned to love.Two: Today, 28 May 2007, I found that I have lost the original of the article in this blog - only the title remains (April 18): 'Goodbye, Julia Campbell (Peace Corps)' and the subtitle in my head. I may have deleted the post by mistake, I'm not sure. When I searched and searched in my hard disk as well as my external hard drive, I couldn't find even my draft. I always save my drafts; I always have another copy somewhere, courtesy of Windows Briefcase. No draft, no copy. The only explanation I have is that I have been copying out files from the hard disk to the external hard drive, and formatting the hard disk and copying back files to the hard disk and who knows what happened? Viruses and all. How many times? I lost count. I also lost much of the files of my daughter Neenah in the process. W…

To all the dummies in the world.

Or, De Bono Debugged
'The Wheelbarrow' by GloriaBy Frank A HilarioTo Bill Gates, Lee Iacocca, Osama - or you dummies who can't think beyond today's Bush, today's Iraq, today's Blair, today's Israel, today's Musharraf, today's GMA, today's elections & erections, today's Vista: Debug your thinking!And yes, we can learn from Microsoft Windows and Edward de Bono - but first things first. Like Windows, de Bono needs debugging. Windows is great when at last you understand it; de Bono is grand when finally you comprehend him. To me, the one important bug of Windows is Help - it programs me to fail; the one important bug of de Bono is his books (he has written 55) - they program me to yawn.I know Windows more than the palm of my right hand - I've been opening Windows for 20 years. I know Edward de Bono more than the palm of my left hand - I have been using him for 30 years. Bill Gates and Edward de Bono, strange bedfellows? That depends on yo…

Remember on May 14!

Or, Corruption Begins At Home
Carabao Square by Gloria
By Frank A HilarioWhat say the thousands of news items, editorials and columns relating to the government ent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and tomorrow's mid-term Philippine elections? Mostly Cimmerian, Stygian, Tartarean - never mind what they mean! After the elections? This is (still) the image in their minds: With GMA, they see dark, foreboding shadows - not intelligence to the left of them, not understanding to the right, not empathy with the past, not insight into the future. They have an unspoken belief that the future of this country lies in the President.Even the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines believes the unspoken. The editorial of the Sunday Times (13 May) points out that the CBCP is 'an organization of bishops out to checkmate the Queen' ( forget past and ignore current history. The Queen is merely a figurehead; it is the politicians who dictate on the Queen what to do, the nati…

Frank's List.

Or, Musical Chairs In Philippine ElectionsBy Frank A HilarioSenatorial candidates crossing over party fences is the music that played out among candidates for this year's Philippine elections. Harsh music to my ears. And some of the senatoriables are playing our song, the song of patriotism. Be careful about patriotism now, as it is the last song of scoundrels. It can turn out to be martial music.It's extravaganza, but it's not musical actually. It's the most, Simon says. My good friend Simon Chandler's List describes us Filipinos as our country moves towards Election Day, 14 May, Monday:The most intriguing, most tumultuous, most exciting, most complicated, most personal, most incongruous, most fearful & most fearless, most unpredictable in the history of elections in the world.And that's only for the last 3 months, only for Senators, the campaign period being from 13 February to 12 May.Actually, the chaos is predictable: Note that each Senator each year ge…

The Mad Barber of China

Or, On Mother's Day, Do Check The Cough Syrup!By Frank A Hilario'Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,' Mary Poppins pipes in, 'in a most delightful way!'And so children love Mary Poppins and cough syrup, and mothers love their children - somebody out there hates them all. The Mad Barber Of China.He is the modern Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, barber at day, mad barber at night, and magician. With a flip of the barber's cloth, he deceives you with your own medicine. That cough syrup is supposed to contain glycerin, also known as glycerol, glycerine, 1,2,3-propanetriol, trihydroxypropane. What you're getting may not be glycerin but merely a look-alike that is noxious, a taste-the-samer that is lethal.I believe the New York Timeshas devastating news for mothers everywhere: Walt Bogdanich & Jake Hooker report on 6 May that cough syrup has now become deadlier than dynamite, a product of the genius of a Chinese barber with a 9th-grade schooling. My re…

Yahoo bites Microsoft!

Or, The Secret Of Google
By Frank A HilarioMan bites dog; Yahoo bites Microsoft - now, Yahoo can tell the whole world that its bite is bigger than its bark.Yahoo wins! On the rumor that Microsoft might buy Yahoo, Yahoo's stocks shot up 19% Friday. Microsoft stocks shot down 1.3%.Microsoft contemplating buying Yahoo!? Yahoo deserves the Gold. I look at it differently - it's the smaller fish enticing the bigger fish to eat it. And it looks like the bigger fish is eager enough to swallow the bait. Some papers have reported that the merger talk is dead. That talk is cheap but not dead. I say reports of its demise have been slightly exaggerated.Eric Auchard & Daisuke Wakabayashi (4 May, Reuters) report that analysts and investors are thinking of 'a strategic partnership' between Microsoft and Yahoo, not a merger. I doubt that that will prosper - William Gates works in partnership only with Bill Gates. Remember IBM + Microsoft + OS2? Microsoft opened its own Windows.Micro…

Is there intelligent life on the Internet?

iGoogle: The Beast Turns Into Beauty
'Fire Of Knowledge?' by Gloria
By Frank A Hilario2 May is My Day Of Denial. George Siemens denies the death of the guru (1 May 2007, 'To be weary of one's own ideology,' elearnspace), Oliver Schwabe denies the wisdom of the guru (26 April, 'The guru is dead, long live the network,' InsideKnowledge), and I deny both.On My Day Of Denial, iGoogle comes up on my browser, on my Google Homepage, and I can't deny that this Beast has successfully transformed itself into Beauty while the Yahoo Homepage has successfully transformed itself into shelves. iGoogle has the impact; Yahoo hasn't the clue. (I gave you the clue last time, here, pointing out that 'Google Redefines Creativity.')Oliver Schwabe avers that the network has supplanted the guru when it comes to knowledge, such as the Entovation Network on knowledge management, London Knowledge Network on collaborative advantage, and the Value Networks Consortium on v…