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A Dangerous Peace.

Being About Rizal’s Racial, Intellectual SportAlso published by American Chronicle in a slightly different form. Oil portrait of Rizal by Hidalgo, 1883By Frank A Hilario1861 June 19: Frank C Laubach writes that in the town of Calamba, province of Rizal, the Philippines, today is born ‘the apostle of Filipino freedom’ (1909, Jose Rizal, who became the National Hero. Laubach (born 1882 September 2) became the world’s hero in language learning, his ‘Each One Teach One’ picture-word-syllable method originated and refined in Mindanao starting in 1930.Laubach wanted the adult Maranaos of southern Philippines to be able to read in their own language and stop being slaves of illiteracy; Rizal had wanted the adult Filipinos in the whole Philippines to be able to read the minds of the Spanish colonizers and stop being slaves of the intellect.Laubach succeeded in his mission; Rizal failed. Laubach was applauded for his efforts; Rizal was arrested for his work, thro…

Father Bother.

Or, To The Yankees, To Make Much Of TimeAlso published by American Chronicle in a slightly different form ‘Popeyed Yankee Father’ - clipart by Publisher 2002, title & rendering with Photoshop 7 by Gloria By Frank A HilarioI hope the world will always celebrate Father's Day. To make us fathers feel important – for one day at least once a year.Today, 2007 June 17, I tell my friend Dr O early this morning: ‘I have to go home.’ I have been helping his wife edit a book, in Word 2003, the Microsoft version I celebrate. ‘Did you know, after having been married for 40 years and a father for 39, this is the first time I’m going to celebrate being a father?’ He looks at me and smiles. I say, ‘You know, physically present, mentally absent. I mean I have not been paying attention.’ He had not been paying attention himself when he should have. He has only one child; I have 12. He is older than my 67.‘Not paying attention’ means if you asked me in any of those years where my family was, I c…

The 4 Impractical Freedoms.

Being A Declaration of Independence By A Mouse
Also published by American Chronicle in a slightly different form. The 4 Impractical Freedoms' Clipart by Microsoft Publisher 2002, title & rendering by Gloria
By Frank A HilarioEnough! I’ve had enough of your Noise of Democracy, Manila. Your No’s of Democracy tell me you will never understand the music of the spheres. ‘Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise,’ says Jacques Attali (, French genius of noise. Not your noise, Manila. I am declaring independence from your noise.Manila, it is you who has created a noisy minority in your environs. I realize now, Manila, that your noise is that of a City Mouse and I am a Country Mouse; the City Mouse has always been the privileged cousin of the Country Mouse, echoing silently the fact that the City has never been for the Country. I shall now remind you that, forever a Country Mouse, my name is Legion.I am declaring independence from the Manila Agenda as Jose Rizal dec…

The People Cheaters.

Or, How The Opposition Are Their Own Worst Friends
The GO Words' by Gloria. Also published by American Chronicle in a slightly different form
By Frank A HilarioGO? Fair warning to those opposed to George W Bush, friend of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to those who would become US President: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and the rest of the runners ( You can become your own best enemy. I'm telling you, you can have worse teachers than us Filipinos. In the May 14 mid-term elections, we Filipinos made history (again), this time showing the whole world the most embarrassing senatorial elections in modern history. And among the winners are ... six of those who ran as candidates of the Opposition, two as independents, and all eight stigmatized as plotters of the overthrow of GMA and/or the Philippine government; and the biggest winner yet, their advocate, himself stigmatized as having been corrupt during his term as P…

Writer's Bloke Consulting, Tip #1

In The Beginning Was Writer’s Block
‘A Taxi Stand, My Eye!’ by Gloria
By Frank A Hilario

Writer's Block? I've seen the enemy, and it is US.Don’t have Writer's Block? You must be Isaac Asimov (500 books), Ray Bradbury (99) Edward De Bono (55), Arthur Clarke (60), or Frank Hilario, who has 1 book, 1 wife, 12 children, 48 blogsites (see Blogroll) - self-taught; this bloke says, 'I did it my way.'Wepping (writing, editing, publishing) for the last 32 years, starting when I wepped for the Forest Research Institute (FORI) in 1975, where I became Chief Information Officer and founding editor: FORI’s quarterly color magazine Habitat that I patterned after the National Geographic, quarterly technical journal Sylvatrop, and monthly newsletter Canopy, and having wepped for many a private and public institution and individual, I am convinced that for seasoned writers, as well as non-seasoned authors, in the Age of Windows, with sophisticated Word 2003 / 2007, the problem's n…

George Will, you're a genius!

Being An Ode To The iBy Frank A Hilario
George Will writes for the Washington Postand for everybody else; I write for myself. I write about software; George writes about soccer (football to you) - now there's a match and a play; now therein lies genius. George Will is what I get for ogling at the Flickr Slides girls using the selective lens of iGoogle, the new homepage of Google, another genius (shown above partially). Today, June 03, Google Quotes Of The Day catches my attention, particularly:Football is a mistake. It combines the two worst elements of American life. Violence and committee meetings. - George F Will Violence: Surfing, I like the quote on violence from Theodore Roosevelt, your genius of a President: 'If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month' ( It's the i (small case) in your GENiUS that is responsible.Committee: It's the i, not the Committee, that always makes the…

Call me User.

Or, Maxing Microsoft Word 2003By Frank A HilarioClipart by Microsoft Publisher 2002
Also published by American Chronicle in a slightly different form
What the world needs now is love - and to write, speak & think better, much better. Two software are necessary here: a computer program and a brain. Because the computer helps us think, but we have to think for ourselves. I think we have user-unfriendly software, especially an inconvenient worp (word processor). I've been using Microsoft Word almost as soon as Bill Gates released Version 1 more than 20 years ago that now I can make Word 2003 jump through hoops. And what does Bill Gates do? He throws it out my Windows; Word 2007 is so foreign to me it makes me jump. For me, The Road Ahead is neither Microsoft Word 2007 nor the competitive OpenOffice Writer 2. Both slow me down manually and mentally: my hands tie me down and my brain fails me. They don't understand me, the user, or, which is worse, they think they understand me!…