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Family Affairs.

Having Done Well, ICRISAT Must Do Better!By Frank A Hilario
Poor Team ICRISAT! The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics is exulting, celebrating its 35th anniversary this week, November 21-24, with the knowledge that it has been rated O (Outstanding) by the World Bank. Excellent, I say. Now I shall expect more.I? I am the poor; while my needs are few, my number is legion. Let science go figure that one.This is typical science considering the needs of the poor: The FAO Newsroom mentions insufficiencies in the following ( food, micronutrients in the diet. To meet those, there must be, in FAO’s opinion, a war on hunger, and biotechnology should be able to contribute to it.And this: David Dickson, Director of SciDev.Net, lists down the poor’s needs as (a) a greater share of the benefits of development, (b) energy supply, (c) cure or treatment of diseases, (d) options in response to climate change.Is anyone actually meeting the needs of the poor…

You Have To Believe.

On The Poor In Science, The Poor In FaithBy Frank A Hilario
Regina Isabelle my granddaughter was 1 year old yesterday (Manila time) in New York, November 20; the 20th Philippine Advertising Congress is being held at Subic Bay in Zambales, Philippines November 21-24; my good friend Naz's daughter Lina is 30 years old November 22; ICRISAT is holding its 35th anniversary celebrations in India November 21-24; The 1st Kerygma Conference is being held 23-25 at Ultra; I was 68 November 11 on record; my mother-in-law Remedios in Manila is 88 November 22: All’s right with the world?Only if it’s all right with you.November is a good month, I say. (I say also, any month is good – it's not in the month; rather, it’s in the attitude.) In any case, I don’t know about me (or you), but I understand from Golden Princess ( that November has 3 virtues: wisdom, courage and serenity. If you have those, you would be the richest even if you were the poorest. Those words remind me of this t…

I, Writer.

Editor, Desktopper, Photographer.
I Love It When Everything Comes TogetherBy Frank A Hilario

Since I’m a multi-tasker, I’m looking at my own website, this one, as I write this one. Since 1968, I have been an avid photographer, if for many years I didn’t have a camera of my own. My brother Emilio gifted me with an amateur camera, a Canon SL, that year when my first daughter Cristina was born. When my wife & I and Cristina went to Xavier U in Cagayan de Oro City for me to teach at the College of Agriculture, I studied photography on my own from the photography – and art books – at the big library of Xavier U. What did I find in those art books? Lessons on painting from the masters and experts – it must be there that I realized photography is painting with light and shadow.On my birthday (Bañamos Day) this year, my children Teresa, Jinny & Daphne (and Sam) gifted me with a digital Canon PowerShot A540 (6.0 MegaPixels), so that now I’m really a one-man band with the tools of the tra…

iKNOW!dolt. Smart Databanking.

For Dummies Like You & MeBy Frank A Hilario
This is a long story, and it really began 36 years ago, if you can read that long. It’s in my databank called memory waiting to be told all those years. Memory is a databank that fails every now and then, as any 67-year old will tell you. Ask me. Needs improvement. Quite undesirable, quite understandable.You didn’t think I would know now, dolt. I’m a dummy with a camera passing by another dummy with a scooter passing by another dummy lying on the sidewalk. I am going that way; he is going the other way; he is going nowhere. Very interesting.I didn’t realize it that day, but now I see these old hands have captured on my new Canon PowerShot A540 digital camera a modern-day metaphor for an olden-day databank on the information superhighway – that which usually serves its users who are just passing by, or where they are just staying, just staring. Enter an Internet café of your choice and you’ll see what I mean.Databanking is funny, dolt. You…

Love's Martyr of Fatima.

Fr Akong & The Hidden Agenda Of The RosaryBy Frank A Hilario
He called it ‘An Offering To Our Lady Of Fatima.’ I call it ‘An Offering To The World.’ In time the world will know about it. He said it was built on time, money, objects, efforts donated by men and women of golden hearts devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I say it was built on faith. More so, it was built on love.This essay is part of the story of the Rosary as today I came to know; it is part of the story of the Church of Apad in Calauag, Quezon, Southern Tagalog Region, Philippines; it is necessarily the story of the Father of the Church, Msgr Ciriaco A Sevilla Jr, or Fr Akong as he was fondly called. The Church of Apad was blessed October 13 last; the choice of date is pregnant with meaning, as it was on 1917 October 13 when the Blessed Virgin asked that a chapel be built in Fatima in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary ( As to the Church of Apad, the residents refer to it as ‘The Beautiful Church’ (‘Ang Maga…