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Ana's Lament;

Learning Life’s Lessons, Maria Sharapova’s Phoenix RisesBy Frank A HilarioThe Serbian loser was disappointed, of course; she had only her tears to show. The Canadian reporter was disappointed too; she had only her complaints to write. They were both missing the point – the January 26 Australian Open victory of the Russian winner was of another kind. It was psychological. It was less a tennis player’s mastery of her opponent than a tennis player’s mastery of herself. Your first and best opponent is always yourself. It’s a point of view. ‘The tennis was hardly memorable: unimaginative at best, tense, error-prone and mediocre at worst.’ That is Canadian Stephanie Myles of Canwest News Service describing the January 26 Australian Open finals between Russian Maria Sharapova and Serbian Ana Ivanovic (, where Maria won 7-5 & 6-3 in 91 minutes. That’s some Reporter’s Notebook you’re keeping, Stephanie. My guess is that you have been watching the wrong pretty game, or rooting fo…

ROTC Advance Course Class 1958

Photo shows UP Vanguards all, with UPLB Class 58 seated, after a meeting last week (taken by Frank Hilario). They discussed what the Jubilarians would be doing in the coming UP centennial celebrations. (And yes, anyone can identify all the faces in the photo?)For communication purposes, from Frank Eala, as of 2007 December 5, here is a list of the members of UPLB Vanguards Class 58 with home addresses as well as cell phone(s), email addresses, landline(s) as available. Kindly send us any addition or correction c/o P Abilay, 220 Wiley Cr, Turlock, California 95382, 906-535-7888,, 1-209-667-0694(2)Romeo E Alcantara, Urayong, Bausing, La Union, 921-755-2515, 072-705-6265(3)Alfredo P Belarmino, Pareja Apts, Pareja Subdivision, Butuan City(4)Francisco B Bron, MH del Pilar Street, Tabaco City, Albay, 915-219-4554, 052-257-7147(5)Juan B Burbano, Banaoang, Santa, Ilocos Sur(6)Francisco C Eala, 120 Perea St, Legaspi Village, Makati City, 917-529-4…

Who’s Who UPLB Vanguards Class 58

Right now, Class 58 is pursuing a fund-raising project for assistance in the rehabilitation of the UPLB DMST headquarters.For the purpose, Class 58, represented by the officers led by Frank Eala, Class President, are accepting donations. Also, Class 58 is preparing a book on Class 58 to include a brief history of UPLB Vanguards, a list of Corp Commanders, reminiscences of class members about the class and their professors, achievements or accomplishments, brief write-ups of families of Class 58 and such. To help raise funds, the book will accept advertisements. If plans do not miscarry, the actual work on the book begins February 1 this year.For a sample entry the book, the brief history of UP Vanguards will include the fact that it was established on March 17, 1922 with 3 objectives: (1) to develop patriotic, physically sound, upright and disciplined citizens, (2) to create a Corp of Trained Officers for the Reserve Force, and (3) to take the lead in fostering the University Spirit.T…

Most Successful Rescue In History (1)

Did you know that the most successful prison rescue operation of all history happened at the campus of UP Los Baños in the early morning hours of 1945 February 23? Army Chief of Staff Colin Powell said of it: ‘I doubt that any airborne unit in the world will be able to rival the Los Baños prison raid. It is the textbook airborne operation for all ages and all armies’ (Robert Wheeler, Los Baños internee, 58 has a copy of the DVD documentary of that historical event, entitled Rescue At Dawn: the Los Baños Raid produced by The History Channel ( In a meeting at Los Baños early January this year, the officers of Class 58 watched the historic video at the historic Los Baños Station of the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), the use of the conference room, LCD projector and IBM laptop courtesy of the PhilRice station.After watching the video, I’d like to correct the General a bit by saying that it was really a combined air, land and water rescue o…

100 in 100.

Celebrating Centennials & CountingBy Frank A HilarioA record, I suppose; for the record, I Francisco have written 100 Franciscan essays published online by the American Chronicle in the last 100 weeks, from February 2006 to December 2007. I didn’t count before, but those 100 now make me feel I count a lot. 100 suddenly is important to me, you understand. I tell you, 100 is a perfect count; I’m 100% sure of that. Literally, the word ‘percent,’ per + centum (Latin), means ‘per hundred.’ Figuratively, 100 means perfect, excellent.In journalism, you write 30 and you’re finished; in science writing, I write 100 and I’ve just began.100 essays I wrote; what was I trying to prove? Nothing. I don’t write to prove; rather, I write to probe. And if you ask me, those 100 prove that my probing is worth approving.If there was anything I wanted to prove, it was that anyone with a serious intent at becoming a better author can be a creative writer at anytime even with a dull subject called Scienc…