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The Stonecasters.

‘We Are Our Own Best Enemy’ – Tony Meer, FilipinoBy Frank A Hilario
February 25 – 22 years after People Power 1 drove out of this country benevolent dictator President Ferdinand E Marcos, 7 years after benevolent clown PresidentJoseph Estrada was deposed by People Power 2, many jokers and jesters are still trying to stage People Power 3 against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. They are the stonecasters at the adulterous woman of biblical times. They hate the sinner, not the sin; if they hated the sin, they would have to hate themselves.You can hate at your convenience.I recognize GMA’s Metro Manila Dilemma yesterday, today and tomorrow – damned if you do, damned if you don’t – because of all the clamor for good governance by those who don’t recognize it when they see it. They are the blind followers of the stonecasters.Who are those who persecute, vilify, revile the woman? They are the many churched and unchurched, private and public, literate and illiterate, rich and poor, civilized…

To The Vanguards, To Make Much Of Now

Today, we can all learn from the not-so-silent minority of demonstrators of Manila and Makati: If you want to support a cause, show up! Or show your quiet advocacy: support the body count.What we need today are quiet, true heroes where they are, upright citizens at work, at play, at home. They lead civilian lives and are upright if not outstanding citizens themselves, wherever they are, and they are willing to serve their country when the need arises. They are the army of citizens who believe in duty well-performed, honor untarnished, country above self. If you knew that, you’re a Vanguard; if you’re not, you have the heart of one. (If you have forgotten that, you’re an old Vanguard, Sir.)For March 8, 2008, we UPLB Vanguards need you to show up for the screening of a historical documentary film, History Channel’s Rescue At Dawn: The Los Baños Raid. If you can’t show up, we need your quiet advocacy for our projects, such as a scholarship trust fund and improving the information & c…


By Frank A Hilario‘To love everyone.’ I imagine Jesus Christ answering my unasked question. ¶ ‘Sir, you’re telling me that that is the greatest commandment?’ ¶ ‘Yes, child.’ ¶ ‘But Sir, why is it the greatest commandment?’ ¶ ‘Simple. Because it’s impossible.’
How do you say? 'I love you ... all of you.' To love everyone: how do you do that? One can be so sadistic, really. I understand. I have to. It doesn’t mean I can do it, but if I am to follow, I willwill it, will all my heart, will all my soul, will all my mind. To love everyone. Know then that that’s my statement of pure purpose, that’s my commitment of pure living. Wish me will.‘To love everything.’ That too.Christian theory must translate into Christian practice. I know. So, today, let me look back at the past year and see instances where TLE is theory and where it is practice in my intellectual life. Here then are observations new and old and based on 600 email exchanges (I use Gmail) between a handful of us in the last…

Most Successful Rescue In History (2)

Did you know that the 2,146 Allied POWs rescued at the campus of UP Los Baños (which was then only growing up as the UP College of Agriculture) on 23 February 1945 had been imprisoned there for 3 years?According to Col Frank B Quesada (Retired), Associate PMA 44, former Senate Committee Secretary, Veterans and Military Pension, members of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) as members of the Hunters ROTC Guerrillas, ‘participated as the lead ground assault force’ in the liberation of the POWs in UP Los Baños ( daring rescue was actually a joint Filipino-American force, including the US 11th Airborne Division, Marking’s Fil-American Troops, Anderson’s USAFFE Bonn Military Area Unit, President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas, Fil-Chinese 48th Squadron, including the Hukbalahap.According to the same source:This liberation operation was described by military experts as one of the almost perfect assault-rescue ever attempted during wartime (in world War II) in the Philippines. …