By Frank A Hilario

‘To love everyone.’ I imagine Jesus Christ answering my unasked question. ¶ ‘Sir, you’re telling me that that is the greatest commandment?’ ¶ ‘Yes, child.’ ¶ ‘But Sir, why is it the greatest commandment?’ ¶ ‘Simple. Because it’s impossible.’

How do you say? 'I love you ... all of you.' To love everyone: how do you do that? One can be so sadistic, really. I understand. I have to. It doesn’t mean I can do it, but if I am to follow, I willwill it, will all my heart, will all my soul, will all my mind. To love everyone. Know then that that’s my statement of pure purpose, that’s my commitment of pure living. Wish me will.

‘To love everything.’ That too.

Christian theory must translate into Christian practice. I know. So, today, let me look back at the past year and see instances where TLE is theory and where it is practice in my intellectual life. Here then are observations new and old and based on 600 email exchanges (I use Gmail) between a handful of us in the last year, not sequential, identifiers omitted to protect both the innocent/guilty, where NE is a composite of people and the email entries have been edited.

NE. If I were a US citizen, I will vote for Hillary as President and Barack Obama as VP. I have finished reading the book by BO, The Audacity Of Hope. He’s going to be a great man!
PO. In his own eyes.

PO. What’s happiness?
NE. Difference? (Translation: What difference does it make?)

NE. Despite the idiocy, only in the Philippines, I greet you Happy Valentine’s Day!
PO. I accept the Valentine’s greeting.

NE. But such is life, we have our share of happiness and handicaps, lucks and lapses. Acceptances, adjustments, adaptations – Hans Selye.
PO. Love and let love.

NE. David Brown’s book, yes, I have it. I think you should get a copy for yourself and read it too. As I said, it is a ‘guide to life without tears, fears and boredom.’
PO. That’s not life.

NE. Kung Hei Fat Choi!
PO. That’s Greek to me.

NE. Abel came over a couple of hours ago, and my PC is working well again.
PO. Thank God for the technical minded.

NE. The philosophy of sex by some famous people.
PO. That’s not philosophy – that’s physiology.

NE. I tried texting and calling you.
PO. I had my cellphone around my waist with the case you gave me but I didn’t hear a thing – of course, my attention was focused on the next article I have been writing for American Chronicle, based on the Inconvenient Truth of Al Gore.

NE. Paradoxes of Our Time. I have read several versions of this, but this is The Best. Hope you like it, enjoy it.
PO. I viewed it again anyway. I could have written it myself. To love each other is the question of the time. And the answer is in the inside of each of us.

NE. The friars really screwed up the Filipino mind and made them believers in the religious or Catholicism, as part of their conquest and subjugation of the muchachos and muchachas to serve the señoras and señores.
PO. They didn’t know any better.

NE. God have mercy on our people and country. Indeed a very Catholic country and people, but and yet, graft and corruption is so rampant.
PO. Talking and thinking about corruption won’t make it go away. There are no corrupts if there are no corrupters. And the corrupters are the people. Blame the people!

NE. The Psychology of Real Happiness, by psychologist Martin Seligman.
PO. If you’re looking for real happiness, you’ll never find it.

NE. Well. Let’s face it, some of us know how to wear and carry our clothes. The others, no matter what they wear, they still look like a monk eh!
PO. Me, I don’t mind looking like a monkey. I don’t mind my looks anymore. Now I mind my manners.

PO. My latest American Chronicle article has humor + Charles Darwin + Shakespeare’s Hamlet + Edward De Bono + Al Gore + Robert Frost + Saint Paul + AIDA + Noah’s Ark + Saint Francis Of Assisi + A disguised ten commandments of writing. Enjoy!
NE. I’ve glanced at the article. Another masterpiece.
PO. (A glance and he can tell it’s a masterpiece. He must be a genius.)

NE. For those who are gone, we reflect, recall beautiful, happy memories of them, but our sights and sounds and actions should now be focused on the living and not on those who are not around anymore. Do not waste your time and effort and expense sending cards anymore.
PO. I’ll send you virtual places to visit and virtual flowers to smell.

NE. ‘My Favorite Things’ (2006) by Julie Andrews (69):
Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings
Bundles of magazines tied up in strings
These are a few of my favorite things.
. I’m 67 and I’m happy. And I sing of more.

NE. I think (I hope) my diarrhea has stopped. I am quite weak, I think because of dehydration. I refuse to have IV fluids. I am drinking Gatorade and right now ‘am.’ Anyway, I am taking Metronidazole although other friends say I should take Bactrim.
PO. I just found out about diarrhea and Gatorade myself. 1 tablet of Imodium, 1 Hydrite, no antibiotics. Good as new.

PO. The pastoral text of James B Reuter is this: In spite of all your hardship, in spite of all your suffering, your life will be beautiful if you love everyone and everyone loves you. Yes and No, Father. Yes, because if everyone loves you, what a wonderful feeling! You are the center of the universe. But no, because I imagine not everyone loves me, or can love me, as I am not the center of the universe, and that’s good enough for me. ¶ What is important is that I love everyone, even if not everyone loves me. ¶ I cannot wait for everyone to love me before I can be happy; I can be happy right now, loving everyone, including the unlovable. Ah, that’s the challenge, isn’t it? If you want to test your love, try and love those whom you hate, and let’s see what happens to them, what happens to you. ¶ Another way of testing your love is to forgive someone whom you cannot forgive, not on your life, never! And, can you lend money without interest? Can you lend money at all? Can you give to the poor, to the beggar, without thinking about how lazy they are? And, can you love those who have been trying to overthrow the government? Love knows no rules, no borders, no limits.

NE. Maybe he will finally get himself a desktop or a laptop. Without my computers, I would not be a happy man at all!
PO. I would be happier.

NE. About ½ hour ago, I opened the TV as I was sending-receiving emails and what did I see? Benny Hinn and thousands of suckers.
PO. Not millions? I’m a sucker for miracles myself.

NE. Akiane – Genius – A must-watch. This is the most talented child artist you have ever seen. The daughter of an atheist paints pictures given to her by God and she gives him the credit. ¶ Her mother is no longer an atheist. ¶ How many more unbelievers will God touch through her?
. If you need Akiane to make you a believer, you don’t have much belief at all. Belief goes beyond wonder and into love.

NE. Anyway, it is really the companionship that is more important.
PO. Actually, it’s the love.

NE. There are really lots of us who can do good for our country. Unfortunately, we are not in the government hierarchy.
PO. Even if you were, you can only affect policy. It is easier said (policy) than done (process and product). Do something!

NE. I may be ashamed to tell you, but I am not about to be an idiot voter next month.
PO. Me, I have not been a voter for the last 28 years. And why is that? A silent protest. A silent statement that the hope of this country does not lie on leaders but on us.

NE. What tree did you fall from? Find your birthday and then find your tree.
PO. The tree of life.

NE. Really, we should have a Lee Kwan Yew or Mahathir as leader. Their countries are not perfect but among the greatest.
PO. If Malaysia is a great country and Singapore is greater, I don’t want the Philippines to be a great country.

NE. I was talking to a friend of mine. They did some medical mission work way out there in Sariaya, Quezon. I told him they did not have to sacrifice that much. They can do their mission right in the area of the ER of PGH, in Manila. And they will see the hundreds of patients waiting for attention and admission.
PO. Thinking …

PO. Seen a butterfly lately? I have just written about butterflies.

NE. I am happy again that a Filipino will address the graduates in Harvard.
PO. I’m worried that everyone wants to address the problem of leadership and none the problem of followership.

NE. Glad to read what you wrote about fathers. My daughter came to see me and spend the night with me. We watched a movie and played some games and ate salad and soup and just hanged around with each other. It was a blessing. Miss you and him. Wish to see both of you healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. ¶ Pray for me as I recover from surgery of cancer of the lung. The name of the cancer is bronchoalveolar carcinoma of the right lower lobe.
PO. The surgeon removed the tissues with cancer, not the cause of the cancer.

NEOne Sunday morning a mother went to wake her son and tell him it was time to get ready for church, to which he replied, ‘I’m not going.’ ¶ ‘Why not?’ she asked. ‘I’ll give you two good reasons,’ he said. ‘One, they don’t like me, and two, I don’t like them.’ ¶ His mother replied, ‘I’ll give you two good reasons why you should go to church. One, you’re 54 years old, and two, you’re the pastor!’
PO. The two good reasons for not going are the two good reasons for going. Precisely because they don’t like you, you should go. Precisely because you don’t like them, you should go. That’s church.

NE. To tell you the truth, it is a lot of effort – thinking – preparing the presentation. Especially trying to create something new and innovative. ¶ But it is real fun. As the saying goes, when you love what you are doing, it is not work.
PO. By the way, I’m listening to Tony Bennett. My sound system is not half as good as yours, but it’s the best because it’s the one I’ve got!

NE. ( )
PO. Gone with the wind? It’s okay. I forgive him.

NE. Tell me humans are sane.
PO. If we think the world is mad, we are.

NE. I told the audience that if I were in politics, I would at least be a Senator and perhaps the most crooked of them all.
PO. Bad joke.

NE. Filipinos denigrated on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. I wonder? Somehow, this episode does not seem to bother me. Am I less patriotic?
PO. It doesn’t bother me. We Filipinos denigrate ourselves, so what else is new?

NE. Most corrupt President.
PO. You’re growing old and still negative. When will you grow up?

PO. You go nuts eating fresh fruits. You also go nuts eating your heart out.

NE. You won’t be able to write at all, anymore, when your hernia strangulates.
PO. I know all about hernia. I know all about strangulation. I’d like to strangulate people who are very negative about their own country! So help me God.

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