To The Vanguards, To Make Much Of Now


Today, we can all learn from the not-so-silent minority of demonstrators of Manila and Makati: If you want to support a cause, show up! Or show your quiet advocacy: support the body count.

What we need today are quiet, true heroes where they are, upright citizens at work, at play, at home. They lead civilian lives and are upright if not outstanding citizens themselves, wherever they are, and they are willing to serve their country when the need arises. They are the army of citizens who believe in duty well-performed, honor untarnished, country above self. If you knew that, you’re a Vanguard; if you’re not, you have the heart of one. (If you have forgotten that, you’re an old Vanguard, Sir.)

For March 8, 2008, we UPLB Vanguards need you to show up for the screening of a historical documentary film, History Channel’s Rescue At Dawn: The Los Baños Raid. If you can’t show up, we need your quiet advocacy for our projects, such as a scholarship trust fund and improving the information & communication facilities of the UPLB DMST.

Rescue At Dawn is the story of the most successful rescue of prisoners of war (POWs) in history, and it happened right on the campus of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, in and around Baker Hall. Next time you visit UP Los Baños, where you can see Baker Hall in its old splendor, remember that you are walking on heroic grounds, where 2147 POWs were rescued 1n 1945, on February 23, without any single POW casualty. It was a 3-pronged maneuver: air, land and sea simultaneously. The rescue was led on the ground by Filipino guerrillas, on the air and water (Laguna Lake) by American troops. Colin Powell, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Commander, and later Secretary of State, said of the Los Baños rescue: ‘I doubt that any airborne and guerrilla unit in the world will ever be able to rival the Los Baños raid. It is a textbook operation for all ages and all armies.’ In other words, the best rescue of all time.

The showing will be at the NCAS Auditorium, UP Los Baños campus.Vanguard, go for it!

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