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By Frank A Hilario
‘PS comma’ is how to read my little title; it’s a mantra born in my mind just this morning, March 24, Manila time. It is a new mantra for creative thinking; reminiscent of Edward de Bono's 'Po' (no comma), I’m offering it as a mind-blogging phrase for you to mine your gray matter and come out with copious ideas. The service is free - it comes from you; you help yourself.
Contrary to grammatical rules, my comma is not meant to indicate a pause, a temporary stop; instead, my comma is meant to be a prompt, to indicate a request to finish a silent ‘and?’ and a silent ‘so?’ and a silent ‘however?’ and a silent ‘nonetheless?’ and a silent ‘nevertheless?’ and a silent ‘but?’ and a silent ‘for?’ and a silent ‘nor?’ and a silent ‘yet?’ and a silent ‘or?’ Silence means 'Yes?'
If nothing else, ‘PS,’ reminds you to relax, to be not serious. I’m not serious when I’m brainstorming, and that’s exactly why I’m creative! No Writer's Block whatsoever.
Of course, m…


The Original Jun Lozada Jokes
Uploaded in Batac March 11By Frank A HilarioIs Jun Lozada an original? So am I. The Jun Lozada affair is too serious a matter to be left to his admirers, advocates and guardian angels alone. This time, I’m coming out with 100 jokes - all original, except 1 - because nobody else is. Because the ground is hot, very hot. These are the times that fry men’s soles. You will see the joker is wild, his guardian angels are funny.Jun Lozada says he seeks the truth – don’t they all? After all anti-GMA Jun Lozada has said and done, a lot has been unsaid and undone. This piece is all about the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me laugh.You laugh when suddenly you understand, and once you understand, that’s when a truth becomes a truth. Only in the dictionary does truth come before understanding. Noam Chomsky says, ‘It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose the lies.’ This time I speak of the truth and expose the jokes, so that I ma…

Your Metaphors Man.

‘The Journey Back To Me’ – Ricky LeeBy Frank A HilarioTruth revealed. There are 3 things that make the Catholic distinct from any Protestant chic: While Protestants believe 100% in the Bible, Catholics believe 100% in the Bible, 100% in Holy Tradition, and 100% in the Magisterium, the teaching authority of the Church. So I say, the Protestants are Okay in that they believe in God 100%; the Catholics are A-OK in that they believe 3 times more – they believe 300%. Of course, I’m a Catholic.The noisy minority say they are after the truth. So, what is truth? To the Catholics, truth is what the Bible says, and what Holy Tradition says, and what the Magisterium says, taken all together. If you invoke the Bible only, your truth is incomplete, to say the least. As in: If you want to bring the wrath of God on my President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo you have publicly condemned using the Bible only as your basis, Roman Catholic or not, you can cast the first stone if you are without sin. Better to …