Marketing Is Connecting, People

By Frank A Hilario Reading that, it seems to me Clark Subic Marketing (CSM) knows and is the first to virtually apply to freeports in the Philippines what Nokia has known for years: It’s all about connecting, people! About 1 year ago, Janet Mercado had a dream of interconnecting Clark Freeport and Subic Bay Port to each other and to the rest of the world via a web portal, which is what CSM is all about; her website is

Visit that website, if you must, and perhaps tell Janette that you had dropped by and heard about her here, if you will. Then she can connect with me, if she will.

And why did Janet do that? Marketing, of course. Marketing her country. ‘I have always had a passion to see my country grow economically,’ she says, ‘and to see more Filipinos rise above poverty.’ Faith in the Filipino – I can connect with that!

She is doing niche marketing. Nice work if you can get it! ‘I’ve found my niche in the opportunity I believe God has given me to do my part in promoting these two exciting Freeport Zones,’ she says. Her website features world-class resorts, championship golf courses, state-of-the-art facilities in those freeports - and zero taxes, zero duties, zero tariffs.

Janet is right now thinking of going into a marketing and travel-related business.

And what about my niche? I opened A4Science, this new website, courtesy of, just the other day, in the hope that I have found my own. Her site now enjoys 18,000 hits a month! For me, that's a dream. In one of my sites,, it took me about 18 months to get 18,000 hits - total. 18,000 a month is 600 hits a day – I have 60 websites; if I had an average of 60 hits a day in any of my old sites, I was happy. Not anymore. Janet has shown me the Filipino can dream, can't he? She can, I can.

This is a new site, but I'm going to add to it by writing new essays as well as cutting & pasting from my old sites. After all, I always try to Reader's-Digest my articles - I try to make each one of them an article of 'lasting interest, enduring significance.' I first read the Reader's Digest in 1957 or thereabouts, more than 50 years ago - I learned much from this little big magazine, including how to write. So, there is a Reader's Digest in each of my essays, and I'm glad.

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