Your smile is precious to you.

April 12, 2008 – The pastoral text of Fr Reuter is this: Our Lord said, loud and clear: ‘I have come that my joy might be in you, and that your joy might be complete!’ Smile!

I took this photograph of two girls with the different smiles: Nilda is at left, Cindy at right - they live with a good friend, Dr O. Each one of us has a different smile, Girl Friday, student, doctor, writer, but they all mean the same thing: At that precise moment, we are glad. A smile blesses you. Then that gladness disappears as the smile is wiped off our face.

The SMS (short message service) text of Fr Reuter does not refer to smiles that disappear as if they were wiped off our faces. The smile that Fr Reuter is referring to does not last a day, does not last a week, does not last a month – it lasts forever! The joy blesses you forever. So, your smile is precious to me - and to you.

But how do you smile when you’re unhappy? Good question. One trick is to smile as if you were happy – and then you will be happy. Try it sometime! The explanation is the same as when you say, ‘I’m getting angry’ – and of course you will be.

But there must be something we can do more than just assuming we are happy so that we can become happy. As far as I know, there is. I’m talking to you even if you’re not Roman Catholic. And it is that we must surrender everything to the Lord; we must cast all our cares at the foot of His Cross – I mean, once and for all, and never again worry yourself to death. Then you can smile anytime. And how do I know it works? I’ve done it myself. Ah, but it is impossible to do that! You’re exactly right. It took me years just to look at the birds and recognize that, no, they do not sow and do not reap, and yet the Father feeds them. But if to do were as easy as to say, chapels would have been churches and hovels would have been castles. But look at it this way – the doing is the reward.

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