It’s the economists, stupid!

Perry Bacon Jr reports that ‘For Clinton, it’s the economy, stupid, from NC to Indiana’ (
Hillary Clinton continued her intense focus on the economy, touting her proposal to suspend the federal gas tax, promising to take on the oil companies and pledging a return to the economic progress of the 1990s when her husband was President.

What exactly did Hillary say? ‘I’m running a campaign on a simple belief this election is about jobs, jobs, jobs.’ It is, is, is. Even in the Philippines. Those are jobs against the left jaw of Barack Obama.

Barb Shelly (Kansas City Star Editorial Board,
Appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ the Senator was hard pressed to name an economist who backed her proposal for a gas tax holiday. But who needs economists anyway? ‘I’m not going to put my lot in with economists,’ Clinton said. ‘We’ve got to get out of this mind-set where somehow elite opinion is always on the side of doing things that really disadvantage the vast majority of Americans.’

I never believed in economists myself. They always start with the proposition that human wants are insatiable, which makes it a given, not a problem to solve.

Andrew Leonard ( ‘Anyone who pays attention to the intersection of politics and economics knows that economists hardly have a stranglehold on any such a thing as absolute truth. They may be united as never before on the subject of the stupidity of the gas tax holiday, but they are certainly not infallible.’

Economics is not an exact science. It’s the economists, stupid!

Desperado ( quotes Hillary: ‘My longer-term plan is, yes, to put an excess profits tax on the oil companies above a certain level of profit.’ Attaboy, Hillary! Then maybe the Philippines can learn from you?

Again from Bacon:
Clinton continued to defend her controversial gas tax proposal, but cast it in different terms, suggesting it was part of a broader strategy to reduce oil prices in the short term that would include investigating energy market manipulation, and likening oil companies to Enron. She said opponents of her plan were out of touch with American voters.

Because, Hillary, they believe too much in economists. And yes, it must be part of a broader strategy. Don’t forget the Big Picture, even when people are saying you’re out of the picture.

Let’s listen to what people are telling us. I don’t think folks in Washington listen enough, because if we listen, we would hear this incredible cry, ‘Please just pay attention to what’s going on with our lives! – Hillary Clinton

Those in the opposition in the Philippines, whoever you are, ‘Please just pay attention to what’s going on with our lives!’

Some people criticized Hillary’s proposal because the savings most people would get from suspending the 18-cents-per-gallon tax would be peanuts. ‘Maybe for some people, that’s pocket change,’ she said. ‘This is part of a larger difference between me and my opponent.’ Excellence is in the details. Competence too.

In an ad, Clinton says, ‘(Obama) is attacking Hillary’s plan to give you a break on gas prices because he doesn’t have one. Hillary wants the oil companies to pay for the gas tax this summer – so you don’t have to.’ (Sheldon Alberts,

And the opposition in the Philippines don’t have one either. They don’t want the oil companies to pay for the gas tax so that the consumers don’t have to?

‘I know what these gas prices are doing to people … And what I want to do is provide some immediate relief. Senator Obama doesn’t want to do anything.’

Hillary, consider that in the Philippines, the ladies & gentlemen of the Senate don’t want to do anything except go out in their luxury cars and dig for dirt, dirt, dirt.

Daniel Nasaw (
Hillary Clinton’s campaign said this morning that aggressive investigation and supervision of oil companies would ensure consumers reap the benefit of her proposed gasoline tax holiday this summer.

You know, Hillary, the Philippine Senate is busy with another kind of aggressive investigation – muckraking.

John Harwood (
A second source of potential voter movement is the idea of a ‘holiday’ from federal gasoline taxes. It is an unlikely club for Mrs Clinton, who has promoted the idea after it was proposed in Pennsylvania by Mr McCain. She enjoys the reputation of a policy wonk, and energy policy wonks have generally dismissed the gas tax holiday as ineffective, perhaps even counterproductive, gesture. Yet in a more refined version of the disdain George Wallace once displayed for ‘pointy-headed’ intellectuals, the wealthy, Wellesley-educated former First Lady has positioned herself as rebuffing ‘elite opinion’ to put money in the pockets of cash-strapped motorists.

The economists are elitists, summa cum laudes or not. They are always touting their statistical probabilities. In other words, they are not down-to-earth; they probably don’t even know how it looks like, how it smells.

The American and foreign media are picturing Hillary Clinton as the underdog, and so the numbers say. What matters to me is that she is fighting her best.

I always like it when there’s an exciting upset’ – Hillary Clinton says (Aaron Bruns, She’s trying to upset Barack Obama.

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