7 tips to live to 100

I’m reading on the Internet right now Ms Lisa Mulcahy’s article ‘3 tips for how to live to 100’ that appears in Glamour’s May 15 issue (shine.yahoo.com). The advice is:

(1) ‘Get creative at work.’ What does ‘creative’ mean? Lisa says it means anything you do that you find interesting, ‘lets you develop new skills.’ I define it as anything that requires you to think differently, to think new things, to approach something in a new perspective, to make a paradigm shift. If you want more tips for creative thinking especially if you are a writer, visit my blog 'The Frankenstein Mindster.'

(2) ‘Make sure you cover the basics.’ Lisa mentions the eating of fruits and vegetables daily, being active, not smoking, drinking in moderation, moderate exercise (30 minutes most days of the week).

(3) ‘Do something fun.’ Find something to make you feel ‘happy, excited or content’ – that is, ‘make plans to do anything that’ll get you smiling.’

Interestingly, Leonard Poon, Director of the University of Georgia Gerontology Center, presents 4 coping mechanisms of centenarians (2004, Richard Corliss and Michael D Lemonick, time.com):

(a) ‘The centenarians are more dominant.’ They cannot be easily pushed around.
(b) ‘They are suspicious’ of information. They will question an issue and think it through.
(c) ‘They tend to be practical rather than idealistic.’
(d) ‘They are more relaxed.’

Now, I’m interested in Liza's list of 3 tips and Leonard's list of 4 coping mechanisms. In fact, I’m intrigued.

You see, I am creative. I do things for fun. I am dominant; you can’t easily push me around, no. I am suspicious of information or knowledge – instantly, I can think of more relevant and different information than you have. I like to think for myself. I will question an issue but not to criticize; I always want to be creative now. I used to be an idealist; in recent years, I became more realistic than idealistic. And so now I’m more relaxed. I’m 68 by the way. Ergo: Where before I was going to thank God for allowing me to live up to 85 years, I am now preparing to thank God for all my 100 years! I’ll just have to be sure to cover the basics.

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