God always says Yes.

But are you listening to the instructions?

Every one of us can use a miracle or two, especially of healing. Why doesn’t God answer all our prayers anyway? I have just come to believe in the last few days it’s because we don’t understand God – because we don’t understand Mother Nature, who has been created by God to nurture us all. I'm 68; it's never too late to understand.

You notice the handle-less, stem-less umbrella lying on the ground amid the grass, the cultivated field, the spot of scorched soil, the trees in the background and Mt Makiling in Los Baños in the distance with dark and white clouds defining her – what do you make of it? I just took that photograph this morning, Monday, June 02, about nine. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the photograph – when I shot it I was merely composing, not thinking about any meaning it was suggesting to me – was the thought ‘God cares, Nature cures.’ Of course, I had just created a new blog I call ‘God Cares, Nature Cures’ (this one you are in right now). My idea for creating the new blog is expressed already in those 4 little words. But this scene is that of Man leaving his (along with her) imprint on Nature as if to claim it as his (and hers) – in fact, Mother Nature is for all of us. God gives to all, Nature nurtures all. If you can’t see that, you’re blind.

My reading of global warming is that we have to go back to Nature to heal, and if we do, we are going back to God, because it was God who created Nature in the first place. If you don’t believe that, you are poorer than I am because I have Mother Nature and Father God.

You can ask for miracles from God, as the Holy Bible would show. Be encouraged by the miracles told in Holy Tradition; be encouraged by the miracles recognized by the Holy Fathers over the centuries. That’s why I call them the Three Holies – and in fact, the 3 Holies are what define the Roman Catholics and distinguish them from other faiths. Catholics do not rely on the Holy Bible alone; they turn to Holy Tradition for guidance, as well as to the teaching authority of the Church as embodied by the Pope. Notwithstanding, we Catholics don’t make the ridiculous claim that only Catholics deserve any miracle. The miracle is yours if you can get it!

As Brother Mike would have the millions of Catholics believe, those who follow his El Shaddai preachings at least, you can always ask God for anything. But of course. For miracles, there are no borders, no limits, no rules.

If God has not been answering your repeated petition for healing, what should you do? Try anything except despair. You can always turn to Mother Nature and, in so doing, you are in fact turning to God. Natural healing is God-given; it cannot be otherwise. And it is powerful, as modern stories would suggest. So, even if you are unable to ask God directly for a miracle, the miracle of Mother Nature is yours for the asking.

I had suggested ‘God Cares, Nature Cures’ as the subtitle of the book of a friend. That little book, for all its big dream of being read and used by millions of Filipinos in this New Jerusalem when it finally comes out, is a combination of asking God for miracles and taking steps to nourish our bodies, minds and souls through God’s bounty, which is Mother Nature, for natural miracles to happen.

When God cares, Nature cares. When Nature cures, God cures. From Mother Nature come God’s little instructions. Actually, God always says yes when you ask for the miracle of healing. You’re just not listening to the instructions.

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