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Learning from Marcos' genius

Each Generation Writes Its Own History’By Frank A HilarioOn March 15, 2008, the UP Vanguard Fraternity Inc reviewed its standards and elevated President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos to the Vanguard Hall of Fame (Norman Bordadora, Philippine Daily Inquirer, cited by The First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos and son Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ R Marcos Jr were on hand to accept the signal honor, if posthumous. Better late than never! ‘Despite the persecution, the black propaganda, the virtual demonization of my father, you have kept faith and given him the recognition he justly deserves,’ Bongbong Marcos said. You expect that from a son. According to the UP Vanguard, the honor was given for his leadership ‘that has been emulated by Filipino leaders’ and for electing to leave the country to be able to live ‘at peace with his conscience (rather) than to see blood on EDSA.’ Personally, when I heard the news about Apo Ferdie being a Hall of Famer – while I was attending the combined G…