Christ in tears

Have you seen Christ in tears? I have. And I know the exact date, 03 December 2008 Manila, and I know the exact place, 4th Floor, Shangri-La Plaza at EDSA-Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City, the Philippines. It was a moment of grace. It was through the intercession of one of the Mandaluyong residents, and I thank him.

‘Christ in Tears’ is what I call Tony Meer’s painting of Christ that I saw on the opening evening of his 3rd 1-man show at the Shangri-La on Wednesday. This is a long-haired, bearded and moustachioed Messiah crying.

‘This is my Christ,’ Tony Meer says. ‘He’s not suffering. These are tears of joy. He is happy to sacrifice himself.’

I’ve never seen anything like it, I tell Tony Meer, in awe. Christ in tears. I’ll be damned!

Here are images of Tony Meer's other paintings in exhibit - photos by Tony Meer's boys.

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