How to rewrite science creatively

I will tell you what I will do before I will rewrite a difficult, technical article, abstract, paragraph or sentence, but I will not tell you which ones I will do first, or which ones I will not do:
√ Read on the topic from some other sources.
√ Ask someone who knows more about it.
√ Look up the meanings of terms you don’t know. I often look up the meanings of even familiar words, such as approach, because some people don’t look at this like I look at it. Compare with strategy, point of view, methodology if you like.
√ Ask somebody else to do it for you, and compensate him well.
√ Choose another selection or article.
√ Rewrite sentence by sentence or phrase by phrase.
√ Give up, but only after trying your best.
√ Read it 9 times.
√ Think of metaphors.
√ Relate it to something you are familiar with.
√ Rewrite half or part of it and see what happens to your understanding of the whole thing.
√ Go to the encyclopedia and search for related articles.
√ Go to the Internet and browse.
√ Gather more information and try to relate them, no matter how vaguely.
√ Do it anyway. You need practice.

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