Rethink organic fertilizers

Here are excellent exercises in creative rethinking, all original, all mine. Each pair of sentences are juxtaposed against each other. Unless specified, in each case, I ask you: What is/are the implications? What should be done?

(1) Organic fertilizers. Raw materials for commercial organic fertilizers include manure from commercial poultry and livestock farms. For the control of pests and diseases, the animals are given antibiotics; for faster growth, they receive growth hormones.

(2) Stakeholders. All citizens are stakeholders in the progress of the country. A stakeholder is one who has a share of an interest in an enterprise.

(3) Good Agricultural Practices. These are proven techniques in farming that reward the farmer properly and well. There are many different kinds of farmers in many different locations.

(4) Transfer of knowledge. Here is a package of technology that promises to triple the income of the farmer if he follows the instructions in the package. Only 5 out of 100 farmers follow the instructions.

(5) Breeding & Selection. Plant breeders know breeding, and they are always coming out with new varieties of crops. Farmers know selection, and they are always coming up with selected outstanding individuals from their crops.

(6) Capacity Building. In one countryside project, the villagers were trained to create commercially appealing handicraft from locally available materials to help the unemployed earn from their labors. The funds were specifically for such training.

(7) Infertile soils. Extensionists and experts speak of the need to rehabilitate infertile soils by applying fertilizers. What are other ways of viewing the situation of an infertile soil?

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