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The 5th Right of Man.

We Filipinos teach you EcologyThe 3 Rights of Man are what Yankees gave the world 233 years ago upon the US Declaration of Independence from Britain on 4 July 1776: ‘Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.’ The 3rd Right of Man, that explains the hot pursuit that has been The American Dream. And that explains the burnout of Wall Street.The 4th Right of Man is what the UN, United Nations  gave the world 61 years ago upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948: ‘Health.’ I appreciate that UN gift, but I must point out that I qualify; I take ‘health’ to mean not simply ‘the control of dis-ease’ but more so ‘the management of wellness.’ Instead of the defeat of dis-ease, I’d rather see the advance of health of humans. The 5th Right of Man we Filipinos gifted the world 22 years ago upon the ratification of the new Philippine Constitution on 2 February 1987. Sec 16, Art II of our Constitution states: ‘The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to…

Honesty is best practiced.

To easify honesty, each of us needs practice!
13 months ago, White Knight Jun Lozada started his rambunctious crusade all over the Philippines campaigning for more people in lower places to compel more people in higher places to be more honest. He didn’t get far. Because honesty is a lonely road with a trap? Because he was assuming that dishonesty resided with pomp and pageantry only. Did the CBCP, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, share the view of Lozada? Well, you limit your own view.5 months ago the BCBP, Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals, and the DepEd, Department of Education, started a joint campaign for more honesty in all places all over the country. In the project, the DepEd was represented by the Secretary of Education Jesli Lapus; the BCBP was represented by its President Lorenzo Veloso and Chair Roberto Atendido. Along the way, they picked up the support of the CBCP. They can’t give up on honesty.Time for comparison: The Jun Lozada crus…

My Fellow Filipinos!

FrancisM as a National ArtistAsI see it,in one word,Francism is FrancisM’s everlasting legacy to his fellow Filipinos. A Francism is a word, a thought, description, an exhortation, a song, rap music, video movie, clothing design, phone call, move to reconcile, that speak not simply of love of country – already, there are many patriots, such as we have – but more so, love of fellowmen – sadly, the patriots we have hate each other.FrancisM and Francisms burst into the Philippine musical scene with a landmark rap musical piece, ‘Mga Kababayan Ko,’ in his smash debut 1990 album Yo! ( that also spawned the ballad hit ‘Cold Summer Nights’ (GerryPlaza, 06 March, Under OctoArts, Yo! ‘marked the birth of nationalistic rap’ in the Philippines ( ‘Mga Kababayan Ko’ is Francism in all senses that FrancisM wanted to convey to his countrymen. To appreciate it in full, I have reproduced the Tagalog original along with my own English translation t…