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Blue Ocean, Brown Rice. If you can’t beat them, junk them!

‘The color of truth is gray,’ says Andre Gide. What a dull world! What I’m about to show you is that truth is a coat of many colors. Color your world.

Gide, French author, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1947. ‘He sought to uncover the authentic self beneath its contradictory masks’ ( What I’m about to show you is that what Gide sought in his personal life is an apt metaphor to what companies should seek in their business life. And yes, it has something to do with colors other than gray. The Color Purple, directed by Steven Spielberg, was a reel-life depiction of the sexual abuse by their own father of 2 African American women ( These are the infrequent times when family breeds contempt. The color red is a real-life description of bloody murder in the lives of men and women in business, as the collapse of Wall Street quite dramatically has brought it up.  These are the frequent times when competition brings out the animal in you. So? Avoid competition! So? I ha…

Not my Achievers’ Night. It rained on my parade!

It was Achievers’ Night, and all the souls were stirring, though I didn’t hear a mouse. It was a night to remember. My town was going to teach the world a newly revised biblical lesson, version April 2009:
A prophet is not without honor in his own country. Sometimes, a genius.
In my sleepy hometown of Asingan, Pangasinan in Central Luzon, Philippines, it was Achievers’ Night on Saturday, 18 April 2009 Manila time. Carlos Lopez Sr was Mayor, and Queen of Asingan was Sheryl Alambat-Domingo. (I remember my sister BrillitaHilario-Sindayen was 1st Princess in 1965 and I was the consort.) AMMRA-Balikbayan King and Queen were Mr & Mrs Roger & Priscilla Ocampo (nee Castro). Distinguished guests were here, like Sec Hermogenes Cendaña Esperon of the PMS, Presidential Management Staff, who happens to have been born in this town. They were going to give away the plaques, and I was going to receive mine. Sometimes people recognize you. I have been away from my hometown for almost 50 years. I …

BrainShopping. Now, you can forget about BrainStorming!

I had always believed in brainstorming,if only with myself. Since at least 16 April 1975 when I began working for and eventually became the Chief Information Officer of FORI, Forest Research Institute, based in Los Baños, Laguna, the Philippines. Until today, 7 April 2009 Manila time, 1230 hours. I was writing about Blue Ocean Strategy and then suddenly I found myself reading on brainstorming. So for the last 3 hours, I had been brainstorming about brainstorming itself.
In 2006, a story on Wall Street Journal told everyone that ‘Brainstorming works best if people scramble for ideas on their own’ (cited by Robert Sutton, 26 July 2006, Home alone, in the office left to yourself, you brainstorm best. Maybe. But you’re not alone. ‘Brainstorming is a process for developing creative solutions to problems,’ says Don Clark (10 October 2008, I think it is, but that limits brainstorming to just solving problems. In my way of thinking, in creative thinking, …

Power in numbers. Science with human faces

In art, movies are numbers and faces. In science, generations are also numbers and faces. You can choose which to show. I choose both.

Shelter is a movie now shooting by Nala Films of Los Angeles in California, with a budget of $22 M, and yes, they want that ‘Inbred Look’ (David M Brown, 26 February 2008, Because it’s a supernatural horror thriller, and yes, it’s a story about real people in the mountains who have been inbreeding generations after generations, Nala Films is looking for people with a different kind of look, such as an albino girl and deformed people to depict those West Virginia mountain folk. (In case you’re interested, the movie stars Julianne Moore, winner of Emmy and Golden Globe awards, star of the film Body of Evidence.) With people, inbred is weird. I’ll call that the Shelter Effect. Given generations, among people the Shelter Effect produces not only decadence but a social monstrosity. In the movies, visuals with inhuman faces may produce …