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My Cancer Story. Let Nobel Prize winner Marquez eat graviola!

What brings my email? Today, 16 May Manila time, I got a cancer notice and received cancer cure news. Should I believe the notice, or should I reject the news?

There is no cure for cancer, is there? There is only chemo, and that scares me to death. No, no chemo for me! 'The question was, which would the chemo kill first: the cancer or me?' – Lance Armstrong. 'Cancer got me over unimportant fears, like getting old' – Olivia Newton-John. I'm 69.

Cancer is what I got for opening my Yahoo mail after a week or two; Frank A Hilario doesn't live here anymore; long ago, I migrated to Gmail, 02 July 2005 to be exact, invited by my son Jomar. I'm glad the cancer isn't mine. It's that of the Nobel Prize-winning writer I tried to read long ago, and gave up trying. He is dense.

As I write this, a few minutes ago, at 1726 hours 16 May 2009, Saturday in Manila, I received an email of ´A farewell letter from a genius´ – Gabriel Garcia Marquez. By ANN (author not named…