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Yellow ribbons. Cory Aquino & the Colors of Hope

Revised 28 August at 0807 hours
MANILA – WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN? Let me tell you a little detective story, and it’s all about Corazon ‘Cory’ Aquino, who became the first President of a country ever ensconced by People Power; on the 25th of February 1986, the history-setting Filipinos made her the first female President of an Asian country ever, and she became Time’s ‘Woman of the Year’ (05 January 1987,, making history 3 times in a row. Her favorite color, yellow, became the color of the truth of People Power. ‘Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree’ had been her martyred husband Benigno Aquino Jr’s favored-associated song.
So, for years, yellow pervaded the Philippines and the rest of the world among those who sought peace by way of peace. Then Cory Aquino joined the ‘forces’ calling for the resignation of GMA as President of the Philippines. That was when, instead of yellow, Cory Aquino began to be associated with black & white, apparently believing in the colored m…

Ako Mismo! Ang kikilos para sa bayan ko

Revised 12 July 2009 at 0824 Manila time

MANILA – Ako Mismo. If it’s about commitment, I believe I’ve come to the right place: I Myself, Siak Mismo (Ilocano). I registered with my commitment, ‘Ako mismo will blog creatively’ at about 1600 hours Wednesday, 10 July 2009, with the number of commitments showing 237,279. After about 30 minutes, the total is 237,468. As I am about to finish working on this at 1920 hours, the total is 237,783, or about 30 registering every 10 minutes. (On 12 July at 0905 hours, it's 238,701.)

What about the scientists and scholars of the University of the Philippines, where I happen to graduate from? Will they commit, or will they stay rooted where they are, on their ivory towers, on top of their protestations of love of country?
In the website, on the Wall of Commitments, here are some that I think are representative enough for this little essay:
Ako mismo panatiliin ang kaugaliang Pilipino – I myself will work to preserve Filipino customs &am…

Loving Julius Fortuna. He redefined himself, taught us moderation

MANILA - ASIDE FROM Neal Cruz, did anybody else notice that Julius Fortuna forgave his enemies? Pag-puti ng uwak, pag-itim ng tagak. A Filipino sarcasm I translate thus: Wait till crows turn white and herons turn black. That will be the day.
Image courtesy of Arlyn Dela Cruz-Collantes Impossible! Julius was from the Left. How could Julius Fortuna have forgiven his enemies when he was a UP product, if not graduate? If you are a product of the University of the Philippines, you must be outspoken, fearless, highly theoretical, stubborn, intelligent, unforgiving. In UP, you learn to confront the enemy, not forgive him. I’m from UP; having overstayed 2 semesters more, I should know more. Been there, done that. (I know someone who famously forgave his enemies, but he was from the Ateneo: Jose Rizal, National Hero of the Philippines.)
Ridiculous! After all, Julius Fortuna had been a member of the national council of the radical Kabataang Makabayan (Young Nationalists) and Secretary General of t…