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Who, me? 17 September birthdays & celebrations

LOS BAÑOS, LAGUNA – When I celebrate, it's a big one, as big as a whole town. Let's board the boat and let's party! With love, let me celebrate with those who were born 17 September, and they are legion. At 69, I am of course an old UP Los Baños sentimental fool, so I'll start right there.
17 September 2009, today is the 8th in the series of what is called the Bañamos Festival, which started 2002, packaged as the 'Hot Spring Baths Festival of Los Baños' ( Today, the town celebrates its 395th Foundation Day. Yesterday, the town was called 'Mainit' because of the hot springs emanating from Mt Makiling, a dormant volcano the foot of which was a few meters away. The place was part of Bay, Laguna. Francis was here; the Franciscan friars were fascinated with the hot baths and in 1589, Fr Pedro Bautista set up public baths and renamed the place 'Los Baños' (The Baths). But it wasn't until 17 September 1615 when the overseer Luis Vil…

Noynoy's Dorothy. Aquino's Yellow Brick Road. Oz!

Revised 0858 hours 17 September
MANILA – Wizard of Oz? EmeraldCity? On 23 September will occur a one-night screening all over the US of The Wizard of Oz to celebrate its 70th anniversary ( The movie has been remastered; on DVD, it will be available for download 29 September. Netflix will screen the newly restored classic online 3 October free (Carrie Specht, We'll get to all that later.

In the meantime, let me entertain you with my trick basketball shot. An hour or so ago (14 September), I was just reading about one of my favorite people, Phil Jackson, who brought the best out of Michael Jordan and the rest of the Chicago Bulls team into those unforgettable, historic age of long ago. 6 Championships for the Chicago Bulls. How did Phil Jackson do it? Adam Fluck referred to what I call the Jackson MO (Modus Operandi) as a 'holistic approach' ( The holistic approach sees the whole, like this: The ball is greater than the sum of its parts! So, I&#…

Noynoy's intent. Aquino's declaration, my translation

MANILA (09-09-09) - What follows is the transcript of Sen Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III's statement in Tagalog at Club Filipino 9 September 2009 (from, edited and with a free translation in English by Frank A Hilario, 9 September 2009. Note that what Noynoy speaks of as 'our mother' is Corazon 'Tita Cory' Aquino, beloved President of the Philippines who died 40 days ago. The use of the editorial 'we' – such as in 'ating ina' and 'ating isipan' – is an attempt by Noynoy to acknowledge what he perceives is the people's identification with Tita Cory (Aunt Cory) as the 'Mother of Democracy.' (I did not translate the polite 'po' expression of one's respect for another in the Tagalog language.)
My brethren, my countrymen: It has been 40 days since our mother died. That day, many questions shrouded our mind. First of all, we lost the pillar of our family, the leader. We can say, we lost the guidelight that …