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Creative Xmas. Remembering love, recalling hate

MANILA - White Christmas is what they're dreaming of, and they're Filipinos. But aren't millions of other Filipinos dreaming the same? Yes. They've been like that at least since Bing Crosby became the Crooner, and they can sing like him too. They are creative, silly!

Still, the Yankees are sillier, if you ask me, or more ridiculous. That's the insight I get listening to Deirdre Reilly of Boston who says American "Christmas is under attack" (16 December 2009, Taunton Gazette):

Christmas in 2009 is under attack, and Christians are feeling the heat. Many towns across the country are considering removing their crèches or have already removed them, and employees are fined if they express their faith at work by saying "Merry Christmas."

Crèches, Nativity scenes have been transformed by American legal luminaries and media masters from being devices for free worship to being devices for liberal horsewhips. The law of God is a respecter of persons, but…

Neneng’s Idea. Louie Tabing & science in Asingan

MANILA – Sunday, 06 December 2009, we are in our hometown of Asingan in Pangasinan in Central Luzon in the Philippines; my old/new girl friends Neneng Manuel, Neri Tepace, and Lady Councilor Julita Orpiano and I am in a seminar in, shall I say, the sciences of restoring the health of the soil (using organic fertilizer), and of growing healthy foods for the people (locally produced milk from local and imported cattle, eggs & meat with poultry & livestock grown with natural feeds, and virgin coconut oil from local nuts). You're nuts if you don't think health is wealth as it comes naturally.

In this seminar, 67 farmers are in attendance, 21 from Asingan, and 46 from other towns in Pangasinan: Alcala 2, Bayambang 2, Binalonan 2, Laoac 1, Manaoag 2, Pozorrubio 4, Rosales 4, San Manuel 1, San Nicolas 6, Santa Maria 5, Sison 1, Tayug 4, and Villasis 2. They came from other places. From Nueva Ecija Province: Cuyapo 1. From Tarlac Province: Gerona 1, Moncada 2, and Ramos 4. From…