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Stilled life. The miseducation of the Filipino

MANILA - I am very unhappy, and I am in media. First, mass media stilled our Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, he who came from mass media; that was surreal. Next, he died of heart failure last Tuesday, 19 January; that was real.

Same man, different deaths. Mass media crushed the heart of a good man. Diabetes and hypertension finished what was left of him. Death, twice is thy victory; death, twice is thy sting!

Let me tell you how the 2 deaths happened.

First, the mass media came out with the news in August 2009 that the entourage of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo spent some P1 million for a dinner at a French restaurant in New York. 1 million is 1 million. "That's when it all started," said Marit Stinus, his wife, his love-exile from Denmark (quoted by Christian V Esguerra, Miko L Morelos & TJ Burgonio, Cerge Remonde was part of that presidential entourage. Amidst the ferocious mass media barrage, amidst the static and noise, he tried his best to d…

Cerge Remonde. Understanding without media

MANILA - In his outstanding career as Press Secretary to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (of Pampanga), CergeRemonde (of Cebu) had a year-long headache with credit: He couldn't get any for his boss. For almost 12 months, he did his best; he tried hard work, candor, competence, dedication, integrity, loyalty, professionalism, friendship, intelligence, eloquence, kindness, grace, and humor. He got the credit; GMA didn't.

He died with his boots on.

Sadly, he was mistaken. For GMA, he had been trying to get from the media credit without media understanding. His medium was categorical statements, and media didn't get the message. There was simply too much noise, deadening noise.

He died at 51. He was found slumped in the bathroom midmorning yesterday (as I write this) at his house in Bel Air, Makati, 19 January 2010; he was brought to the Makati Medical Center nearby where doctors valiantly tried to resuscitate him but failed. He was declared dead at 1151 hours that same day…