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Love is multiple orgasms, Dr Agnes Bueno says

Revised 05 March 2010 at 1411 hours
MANILA - Not looking sensational, not looking sexy, but looking serious, she shocks the Philippine Society for the Study of the Aging Male with her bold & bare pronouncement. Greek Agnes, pure; Spanish Bueno, good. You can’t have it better than that.

4 March 2010, and I am a guest of Dr Antonio Oposa Sr at Club Filipino at the PhiSSAM’s 9th Convention; we are guests of Dr Mary Anne Lim Abrahan. I learn from their readability-conscious 1-sheet printout, 3-fold, large-font program that the society has 4 objectives:

* Project and identify the most important issues that affect both “Life Expectancy” and “Health Expectancy” of the aging male.

* Promote awareness of men’s health concerns and problems to both physicians and the lay public.

* Promote healthy aging, prevent and/or reduce morbidity and disability of the elderly so as to allow men to age with dignity and good health.

• Promote a holistic approach to the management of the aging male.


Best mango. Pangasinan, it’s the soil & water

MANILA - Half-expecting to partake of fresh mangoes and to meet & greet rival candidates for Congress of the 6th District of Pangasinan General Hermogenes Esperon and Vice Governor Marlyn P Agabas today, Wednesday, the 24th of February, I am at the auditorium of the Narciso Ramos Sports & Civic Center in this capital town of Lingayen, Pangasinan, attending the 12th National Mango Congress of Philippine mango producers, handlers, processors, traders and exporters under the joint sponsorship of the Philippine Mango Industry Foundation Inc, PMIFI, as represented by PMIFI President Virginia Dela Fuente, as well as the Province of Pangasinan as represented by Governor Amado T Espino Jr. The Congress ends on the 26th, Friday. I am attending as a delegate of Esperon’s own hometown of Asingan in this province; I who happen to have graduated with a BS in Agriculture from the University of the Philippines Los Baños interested in mangoes, as well as I am a journalist interested in climat…