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The Best Bo Sanchez. The Best Frank H

Revised at 0725 hours 04 May 2010
MANILA - Last Sunday, 02 May, was my first time to attend the Holy Mass at Valle Verde Country Clubhouse, Pasig City, and I was with my eldest son Jomar and his wife Clarisse and their children Sean and Lucia, and my daughters Neenah and Ela. The previous 2 days the two had been attending to the virtual needs of participants in the 2-day Internet Marketing workshop of Jomar at Cubao, Quezon City. Sean is 1 year and 9 months, and he has begun to enjoy the company of this grandfather.

I wasn't paying much attention to the homily of Father what's his name, so I can't tell you more.

I was paying more attention to The Feast newsletter issue of 02 May 2010 that said there was going to be a series of 6 lectures in 6 Sundays by Bo Sanchez on "A Life of No Regrets." I was reading.

And then I was paying more attention to the tarpaulin poster that was on the wall in our little corner room of the clubhouse that said:

A Life of No Regrets
The J…