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To give, love. Paul Coelho & One Hungry Planet

EARTH - BASF has come up with a YouTube video titled “One Hungry Planet.” It’s about “how farmers are feeding a hungry planet,” Cindy says (13 June, AgWired). It’s more about how farmers are failing in feeding a hungry planet, I say - that’s why we have One Hungry Planet! I beg your pardon; I’ve watched the 4-minute BASF video, and I see it’s complete with statistics but incomplete with analysis. After these centuries of farming, was Thomas Malthus right after all, that human population increases geometrically while food increases arithmetically, implying that human population will always outstrip food supply unless checked?The question of food is not simply of production but more of distribution. The laws of democratic economics tell us farmers produce the food, but they do not distribute. The BASF video equates the shortage of food with the surplus of population. Granting without conceding, with global warming bearing on all of us, filthy rich or dirty poor, population is the least…

No hope in Esperanza. Cabral does not translate!

MANILA (14 June) - Because of a Tagalog translation in an Administrative Order of the Department of Health, the values of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fruit juices, oils and phytochemical food and health supplements are in danger of being deleted from the vocabulary of Filipinos chasing after alternative lifestyles along with alternative medicines. Because of the Secretary of Health, the health of the Tagalog (Filipino) language may be forever jeopardized! I'm only half-joking - read my lips: JEOPARDIZED. Can you translate that in Tagalog?Despite the obvious lack of substance of Tagalog in matters of translation from English, respected nonconformist columnist Cito Beltran praises the DoH translation and shouts Hallelujah to the Chief, "All hail (Esperanza) Cabral!" ("Results rather than regrets," 28 May, I did not come to bury Cabral but to praise her.Pardon me? Cito, as far as I can see, your Dear Secretary of Health Ms Cabral either doesn…