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How to think win-win. Covey’s 7 effective habits, people

First published 28 July at 2200 hours with the title
“7 must-have-its. Sean Covey’s book for teenagers”A good book is for sharing. At home, we have a good-size collection of about 1,000 books. I have read at least 500 of them, not to mention some other 500 I don’t see around anymore. At 69, either you have lost your books, or your balls. I do book reviews every now and then when I’m able, or when I’m eager, whichever comes first. It sharpens the mind, not to mention it relaxes it. You’re never too old to read and appreciate what now you know and what yet you don’t. As a writer, I find reading productive if not also enjoyable. I have always been a wide reader. Often, I buy second-hand books to read, to add to what I already know, to gain new insights. Not only our books. If your book happens to visit our house and I like it, I will review it too. When I review, I don’t consider the state of the book, or the year of publication, or the author. If I see that it can contribute to knowledg…

English Notes. The vocabulary of the illiterate

MANILA (07 July) - Traveling on ordinary fare by bus from Dagupan City in Pangasinan to Roxas City in Isabela, looking out the window for most of the long 10 hours of that trip by Victory Liner, despite the heat, reading the signs, I was a little amused when 2 thoughts struck me, when I realized that: (1) English is already very much a part of the vocabulary of the most ordinary Filipino, that in fact, English is in the vocabulary of the illiterate! (2) English is embedded in the life of the Filipino more importantly, visually and aurally more than Tagalog (Filipino) is. My list below proves my point. Ever an advocate of the genius of the Filipino, I have always found Tagalog (Filipino) a foreign language. I dare say: The genius of the Filipino is in English, not in Tagalog (my wife’s native speech), not in Ilocano (my own, my native tongue), not in your Cebuano either. Here is a selection of my original 237 one-day list of the English vocabulary of the illiterate in the Philippine…

E=mc2. Noynoy Aquino & A Comedy Of Errors

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MANILA - Mathematically, I’ve just figured out Noynoy Aquino: E=mc2, Executiveness equals memorandum multiplied by the speed of issuance of the circular squared. Squared means a thing multiplied by itself, c x c. If you keep thinking of memorandum circulars, you keep squaring the power of memorandum circulars. Since Noynoy Aquino's very first official act as newly installed President of the Philippines is to issue Memorandum Circular, MC#1 on Day 1, 30 June 2010, it tells me that Noynoy is going to live his life as head of his country by issuing many an MC. That’s why he kept saying “marching orders” even before he sat on that executive chair. He wants you to march to the beat of his own drums.I never did like marching orders, even crawling orders. When I enlisted for ROTC at the University of the Philippines in 1959, I didn’t know how to salute properly, a shy country boy, that as punishment I was ordered to crawl under a barbed wire fence, in full pu…

Noynoy Aquino’s Mandate for Change

Revised English translation at 0510 hours 2 July
Inaugural Speech of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III delivered at Rizal Park 30 June 2010. Untitled original text from, presented here with editing and after comparing with a recorded version of the actual speech. What follows the Noynoy text is an original English translation by Frank H. Mga minamahal kong kababayan …Ang pagtayo ko dito ngayon ay patunay na kayo ang aking tunay na lakas. Hindi ko inakala na darating tayo sa puntong ito, na ako’y manunumpa sa harap ninyo bilang inyong Pangulo. Hindi ko pinangarap maging tagapagtaguyod ng pag-asa at tagapagmana ng mga suliranin ng ating bayan.Ang layunin ko sa buhay ay simple lang: maging tapat sa aking mga magulang at sa bayan bilang isang marangal na anak, mabait na kuya, at mabuting mamamayan.Nilabanan ng aking ama ang diktadurya at ibinuwis niya ang kanyang buhay para tubusin ang ating demokrasya. Inalay ng aking ina ang kanyang buhay upang pangalagaan ang …