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17 September. To celebrate a birthday, get the message

LOS BAÑOS, LAGUNA (17 September) - I was born today 70 years ago, and the whole town of Los Baños is celebrating; how do you like that?! It’s 1213 hours 17 September as I begin to write this, and I just came back from watching the parade of people walking about at the town plaza by the shore of Laguna Lake, and taking some photos with my daughter Ela’s Exilim Casio Ex-S5. The image you see shows the faces of the future in this University Town, which is indeed rejoicing that this day has come around once again. This is almost all girls; what happened to the boys? The boys are gathered to the right of the photo in the distance, preparing to climb the bamboo poles, each one with a prize at the top: PhP 2000 for 1st Prize, or about $45, certainly not peanuts in these parts. At the background is the stage; in the middle of the photo are a few hundred empty white seats - it’s 11 AM and it’s too hot to handle. In the afternoon, there will be a parade of beauties, and in the evening the win…

Big Bang Stephen. Hawking's Hierarchy of Gods

MANILA - I start with this hypothesis: Stephen Hawking believes in God; the problem is, he doesn't know it! You don't believe me. The problem is, with his chariot of fire, he has failed to recognize, failed to acknowledge, and, unlike Alfred Lord Tennyson looking at a little flower, failed to know what God and Man is. I shall prove that by reason, without the aid of mathematics, without experimentation. I shall use Stephen's Science to disprove Hawking's Science. Fair enough? Since his super-bestseller book A Brief History of Time in 1988, Stephen Hawkinghas been making a big bang for the bucks out of the Big Bang Theory and I congratulate him. Certainly, the laws of physics can make one happy despite the misery of one's existence. 9 million copies sold of these 256 pages of non-fiction volume is a huge volume of trees felled, but it stands to reason. The laws of physics do declare that if man must print on paper and paper must come from trees, the trees must be f…

Bo Sanchez, is he? The Greatest Preacher in the World

Revised 01 August at 1332 hours Manila
MANILA (29 August 2010) – Smile. “Welcome Sir, welcome Ma’am.” My son Jomar, his wife Clarisse, their child and baby Sean and Lucia, along with Malen, Nene, and I are attending the last session of the preaching series, T3: Secret of Big Returns of The Feast at the Philippine International Convention Center along Manila Bay; this is a Roman Catholic Sunday prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Family congregation. Fr Romy Castro is celebrating the mass; we come in just before the Mass begins. My notes begin with the 1st Reading, which comes from Sirach 3: 17-18, 20, 28-29. Here are the 17-18 verses (NRSV): My child, perform your tasks with humility, then you will be loved by those whom God accepts. The greater you are, the more you must humble yourself, so you will find favor in the sight of the Lord. The 2nd reading is from the book of the Hebrews but I don’t catch chapter and verse, I don’t know why. The Gospel (Luke 14: 1, 7-14) is about the Phar…