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My AIDA. Your iPOD: Inclusive Profit-Oriented Development

MANILA - Right away, let me arouse your interest and titillate your fancy by telling you I have a seductive girlfriend named AIDA and we excitingly share a common and passionate Hierarchy of Desire. You should be so lucky! AIDA is involved in marketing, as women usually are. She has to do with what some people call “Hierarchy of Readiness” ( and “Hierarchy of Effects” ( With AIDA, you have to be on top of any hierarchy. If you are into corporate planning, I may have news for you. Now then, if you are in Bangladesh, or India, or the Philippines, or Zimbabwe; if you are into research for development, R4D; and if you have a corporate plan, Corp Plan that you would like to market to your own staff, sponsors, allies public and private, and to the masses via the mass media, I may have good and free counsel for you: Advice #1: Get AIDA going for you.Remember, your new Corp Plan is a new product. It needs to be marketed inside and outside of your select group, and f…

Population’s a lot of bull. Education’s a lot of bull sheets

MANILA - “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on,” Carl Sandburg says. Statistics is Man’s opinion that the mathematics of it should be reconsidered. “Be fruitful,” God said. “But not multiply,” Man said. Man has taken God out of the equation. Yes to reproductive health? It so happened that on my birthday last year, Noynoy Aquino was pronounced “definitely pro-RH” (I’m definitely not) - but on 01 February 2010 at the ABS-CBN News Channel’s Youth Forum (debate) at the De La Salle University in Manila, presidentiable Noynoy was talking about “responsible parenthood” debating with himself, saying he wanted “Filipinos to be educated on the various methods of family planning and be free to choose which method they prefer” (ANN, That’s like saying we need a new law to educate the masses; what’s the matter - the mass media can’t be trusted? In the same Manila youth forum early this year, presidentiable Manuel Villar was delightfully more logical: A well-m…

Love, Therese. A little practice goes a long, long way

MANILA - Discovery News. Today, I realized I knew of a secret formula that shows how anyone of us at any time can practice the 7 Heavenly Virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. You don’t believe me? Have some faith. And all because yesterday my wife told me - actually, she asked me - to write a review of a book. That’s the first time she asked me in our 43 years of marriage. I mean, to review a book. I did my job, dutifully. I emailed it this morning to be published, hopefully, in the October issue of our Sandigan, the newsletter of our church group, the Bukás Lóob sa Díyos, BLD. This is the revised version of that book review, and almost 3 times as long; this was prompted by the text of Neneng that said, “Wish I can have your patience and a bit of wisdom to cope with disappointment and frustration. Sometimes irritability is my worst enemy.” Actually, Neneng, we are our worst enemy. I just turned 70, so I should know that by now. Nenen…