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Dedicated to Janno Gibbs. “Moments of Love” by Mokong

MANILA - It’s the talk of the town. On 08 November at 2017 hours, Philippine Star & entertainment columnist Ricky Lo tweets @rickylo_xclusve, “A daughter’s unwanted pregnancy is said to be the cause of the severe depression Janno Gibbs is suffering now!” I am for whom the bell tolls. Every self’s undeath diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind.Life is full of moments of high, moments of low, moments of love - been there, done those! As a singer, composer, comedian, actor, TV personality, husband and father, Janno Gibbs have been there, done those. At 70, I know that at first blush, it’s the lows you have to watch out for. Especially the lows, such as daughter moments like those. But in real life, you have to watch out for the highs, the lows, and the loves; you may have to balance them. But how? That’s the problem! Today, Friday, 19 November 2010, asked by a reporter of GMA 7, his good friend & entertainment star Ogie Alcasid said, happily and with feeling, “Janno’s okay…

And the first winner to be announced was Charice

And the first winner to be announced was Charice - 2nd runner-up (3rd place)! Her heart wanted to explode. She knew she was the best performer that time. What the hell?! Her text votes were the lowest of the finalists, she was told by the Little Big Star people. Talent was not enough. But talent was all she had against the others; she must have felt that to deny the higher value of talent over a tally of text votes was to deny her as a person. Given that, this little girl’s world collapsed on her. She slid into depression. Here is part of the interview by Maita de Jesus of Total Girl Philippines about it (cited 26 April 2010 by “Honestly, after losing in Little Big Star, I felt like my dreams were taken away (from me). I was depressed for months. I kept on listening to sad emo songs. It’s true! (laughs) If it wasn’t for FalseVoice, I wouldn’t have made it out of my sadness.“ Again, again? “If it wasn’t for FalseVoice, I wouldn’t have made it out of my sadness.” I…

I had crab mentality, and I loved it.

Adu a dakumo idi, awanen itan. So many crabs before, now no more. Reading for errors my 250-page laid out manuscript for my book Princess Charice, I’m right now on page 179, opening page of Chapter 13, The Crabsters - the name I coined to refer to those who would like to destroy Charice, her fans being called by her Chasters - and so I’m once again in Asingan, Pangasinan, out there in the ricefields half a kilometer from the back of houses searching for crabs. In such a case, I’m a Crabster. I am between high school and college; my family cannot afford 2 boys in school, so I have to stop and wait. Right now, I’m waiting to fill up my alat - small woven bamboo basket for carrying caught fish, frog, crab or such - with dakumo, freshwater field crab, the most tasty kind. Easy to catch: You insert your whole hand into a watery hole and if a crab inhabits the hole, you get stabbed or bitten by a claw or two, and you know you have struck gold, and you know exactly what to do next. Nagimas…

My Happy Birthday officially, I thank God unofficially

MANILA - 11 November, Thursday. Today’s my birthday officially and I thank God unofficially. Let me tell you the story of my names 3 and my birthdays 3. I forgot that today is my birthday officially, but some people didn’t. Michael C greeted me Tuesday (09 November): “Happy Birthday, and may you have many more birthdays to come. You take care.” I will! The PinoyExchange Team greeted me today, Thursday (“We at PinoyExchange would like to greet you a happy birthday today! Thank you for making us a part of your life. Wishing you happiness in your special day and in the year to come.” Thank you! OPMPinoy also greeted me today (“We at Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!”) Netlog also (“Netlog wishes you a happy birthday! Congratulations.”) Congratulations to all of you for not being afraid to gift someone by giving a simple and yet meaningful greeting, “Happy Birthday.” I’m 71 today if indeed I was born on 11 November 1939. That’s what I want to talk about t…

Mai Mislang sucks? Think of Frank H’s Hierarchy of Insults

MANILA - Talk is cheap. A million words have been said against Assistant Secretary Carmen “Mai” Mislang who tweeted about the wine that the Vietnamese hosts served Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino and his entourage: “The wine sucks.” Should she have more clearly joked about it instead and said something like, “I didn’t enjoy the wine, neither did our Vietnamese hosts. Fair enough!” Mai wrote the words that suck on Twitter and, on being served wine that sucks, should I say to her? “Serves you right!” I don’t do Twitter, and I don’t care. Twitter encourages you to do one-liners that you don’t have to think about - and that’s what happened to Mai. A tweet is easy to misunderstand because it stands out, out of context. Now she has to think about it in context 24/7. Mai had written other Vietnamese tweets, and about them, James Cordova says ( “There was a sense of entitlement, even arrogance, in Mislang’s messages that rubbed people the wrong way.” J…

The genius of C90. A revolution in creative writing

MANILA (30 October) - “Creative writing,” did you say? Today, suddenly it came to me the reason why in the United States and elsewhere, after 100 years of creative writing attempts, theorizing, teaching courses in the universities, handling classes every which way, conducting workshops here and there, offering tutorials online and offline, despite creative writing books selling millions of copies worldwide, we don’t have 100 x 100 people in the arts writing widely known and cherished original & gorgeous poems, inventive & rich short stories, imaginative & magnificent novels, ingenious & heavenly biographies, dynamic & sparkling autobiographies, regenerative & dazzling histories and the like. In fact, many bestsellers in fiction (including sci-fi) are imitations of other bestsellers, and many non-fiction authors are imitating themselves. Where have all the learners gone?And the number of creative writers in the sciences? I can count on the fingers of my hand th…