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Almost Christmas. The language of love, nothing personal

MANILA (24 December) - It's almost 12 midnight, almost Christmas. Having been putting some order to the disorder in my little room at home, some books and publications have come up from some forgotten years. While I was partaking of the delicious Christmas Eve molo prepared by my daughters Jinny, Daphne, and Neenah, I noticed this booklet and opened it at random. "What's Missing?" is the title of a daily devotional entry in The Upper Room issue of September-October 2008, published by New Day Publishers (Quezon City). This entry is for Sunday, 14 September 2008. Heidi A Tierney said, "I did everything I was asked to do." Teach Sunday school and vacation Bible school. Participate in Bible studies. Lead church fellowship. Be a member of the leadership team. Heidi was an excellent member of the church. One day, someone asked her, "Why do you do all this for the church?" Heidi's reply was: "Because I love you guys!" The response to her re…

Managing results/losses. The politics/science of climate change

MANILA - Every so often, an odd thought suddenly appears - and sometimes an old book you were not looking for. What do you do? Welcome the thought, open the book. The thought may change your mind, the book may change your perspective. If you’re in luck, the perfect photograph will appear too. For the past few days, I have been putting to a semblance of order my little room of about 20 square meters in which I work - I never play; I love what I'm doing and that's play to me - I also sleep here amidst 200 books for me, and for me and my children 2 desktop computers (Celeron and Intel Core i7), 1 laptop (HP Compaq Presario C700), 2 Internet connections (Smart up, Digitel down), and 2 printers (HP LaserJet 1020 for B&W and Canon MP198 for color prints). Put in a creative mind and you will see that this writer of a father is armed to the teeth. Now my little room looks wider; looks deceive. The mind is freer, I think. Today, 22 December 2010, suddenly, within arm's length…

Wyre Underground. A dance-drama for us, a rose for Neenah

MANILA - Where have all the players gone? Gone to under, everyone. When will they ever learn? When will we ever learn?

Friday, 03 December 2010, Manila time, we’re watching the stage play “The Underground Movement” at the now-acoustically sound DL Umali Auditoriumat the campus of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños in Laguna more than 60 km south of Manila. With daughters Daphne and Ela, my wife Amparo are herealso to watch daughter Neenah, who is a member of the Creative Team of Wyre Underground for the play TUM (the image you see is her design), who is head of the Publicity Committee, and one of the key performers. This is the University of the Philippines, UP. This must be good.

The play is to raise fun and funds. The beneficiary of TUM is the UPLB Artist Endowment Fund, set up in 2009, to promote the performing arts, with the vision of UP Los Baños as the center for culture and arts in the Southern Tagalog Region.I’ve heard that before, and I’m not content. A hi…