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A wedding concert. Ding & Joy Hilario singing the greens

MANILA - Yesterday we were in Valenzuela City, which now I must call The Romantic City, first of all because of the shock and solace of the story of City Councilor Shalani Soledad, whom boyfriend and Senator Noynoy Aquino broke up with once he became President of his country, and who is now betrothed to a scion of the illustrious Romulos, Congressman Roman Romulo (see my story, "Stormy weather. How Shalani Soledad survived Signal #3," 30 September 2011, Flipinos, Flips! The announced non-wedding was a shock; the announced wedding was too.

We were attending a wedding. This one was expected. I have 4 sons: Jomar, Paul, Ding and Edwin. The 3rd, July Salvador "Ding" Reynoso Hilario, got married yesterday, and that leaves the 4th as the lone bachelor. All good-looking boys, I must say. Friends used to tease me about my looks referring to the girls by asking an impertinent question, "Bakit magaganda ang mga anak mo?" Why are your daughters pretty…

If it is Your Will. How long ago is a broken heart?

Will she heal, or will she not? Not yet.

Charm Dogma has a new essay, "Healing a Broken Heart" (17 December 2011, Charm Dogma, It's her story. As usual, it's short but, as usual, it's a long story. How long ago is a broken heart?

You're not alone, Charm. It happens all the time. It happens to the girl; it happens to the boy. It's what happens after it happens that you should watch out.

For me, it happened almost 50 years ago. I was a student at the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture, that Cow College.

She was my first love, and this boy from the village fell in love with this girl in town. I was from Asingan in Pangasinan, a town that never grew, and she was from Lucena, a town that grew up to be a city faster than this boy grew up to be a man.

I fell in love so hard that in 3 of my subjects I Failed (grade of 5) and was Conditional in 2 others (grade of 4). And so they kicked me out of that Cow College, and that broke my h…

A Day In The Life. Mother Mary comes to me

MANILA - Today, 08 December 2011, is Immaculate Conception Day; this is the day we Roman Catholics celebrate what we believe to be the day Mary the mother of Jesus was conceived without sin. Doesn’t that explain why Jesus was born without sin?

Why do Catholics adore Mary so much you could say they pay her more attention than Jesus the Christ?

Because Mary is the most ideal of mothers. "Mexican women and all the poor can claim Mary as symbol of motherhood because they have the existential human faith experience that 'mother is and always will be there'" (Carol Frances Jegen, Didn't you know that the Philippines is a matriarchal society?

I have read somewhere that Mary is the Bride of Christ. I am not comfortable with that; there's a mixed metaphor somewhere if only you can find it. I haven't heard of any Filipino talk about Mary like that, and I myself prefer to call Mary simply the mother of Jesus. But in fact, motherhood is not simple.…

The 3 Eternal Questions: Truth, beauty & goodness

Posted in 12 May 2006, reposted here unedited because I think that, really, The 3 Eternal Questions are eternal:When some people talk about Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the President of the Philippines, they can talk neither articulately nor intelligently about her. She gets their goat! They simply condemn her as someone who is bad (black), implying that they are simply good (white), especially calling her as simply a liar, someone who cannot or refuses to tell the truth. That is because some people don’t look beyond their own truths. You will be surprised what you learn if you look beyond your reach. Today, just a few minutes ago, I decide to look in the Internet what ‘arroyo’ means and brings me to Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), which tells me that an ‘arroyo is an intermittently dry creek.’ Actually, the original reads like this: ‘an intermittantly dry creek.’ The footnote says that the Arroyo page was last modified 5 May 2006 by Phatty; I l…

Distinctive Annual Reports. Creative Writing you should expect

MANILA - Want a memorable annual report? The proof of the writing is in the putting. The proof of the shooting is in the shot. Frank H just received The Outstanding UPLB Alumnus Award 2011 for Creative Writing, right? Almost exactly 1 month ago today. The should next come up with The Outstanding UPLB Alumnus Award for Photography. Back to Creative Writing. Like a duck to the water, 45 months ago, in February 2008, I took on a proper contract with the Office of the Chancellor of UP Los Baños; within a few days, I submitted a complete and unique outline for the UPLB Annual Report 2007. The outline was this: (Title)
UP Los Baños 2007:
Celebrating UP Centennial,
Cerebrating Distinctive Excellence(Introduction)
Keeping An Eye On The Vision, Teamworking For The Mission(A) UPLB Contributing To The UP Centennial Celebration(B) Strengthening The Pillars Of Distinctive Excellence
B1. Nurturing People
- faculty, REPS, administration staff, tenure
B2. Developing Resources
- income generation, structura…

One Solitary Life Reborn

Note: The original text was from a sermon by James Allan Francis and found in his book The Real Jesus and Other Sermons published in 1926 by the Judson Press of Philadelphia ( 2 reasons I decided to come up with another version: (1) My wife noticed that the original and revised versions, all titled "One Solitary Life," did not mention Christ's Resurrection. In other words, the "account" is incomplete. If Jesus did not rise again from the dead, it means only one thing: We Christians have not been saved! (2) I noticed the man in the original story preached no message for mankind and yet he is now the centerpiece of the human race. If that life had no meaning, it was indeed one sad solitary life!

One Solitary Life Reborn
Modern Version 3.0 by Frank H, 08Oct2011 A child was born in an obscure village,
the child of a peasant woman.
He grew up in another obscure village,
where he worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty.
Then for three years…

Yelp, Expedia & Nextag don't see. Google is anti-intellectual!

MANILA - Ian Paul says Yelp, Expedia, and Nextag are complaining - Frank H will call them The YEN Complainers - that "(Google is) burying competitors deep in Google's search engine rankings … in favor of the company's own products" (21 September 2011, Of course Google favors its own products. Google Chair Eric Schmidt isn't an idiot.

More to the point, if you search for a local business, Google Places results show up with a map, invariably with the Yelp results shown below Google Places (ANN, Unfair? The US Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hear The YEN Complainers explain how "Google is manipulating search engine results to steer searches to its own Web properties." Of course it is manipulating the search results - how else can Google work?

That Committee will have an easy time determining that what Google is doing is hardly "unfair competition" or "monopolistic practice" even if Google is…

Honestly speaking. "Is your business running your life?" - BCBP

MANILA - This morning I attended the 1st Anniversary Breakfast of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals (BCBP) Capitol Hills at the Albergus Restaurant along Capitol Drive in Old Balara, Diliman, Quezon City. Before I left home, my wife was asking me why I should attend the breakfast, and I told her this was a meeting of the BCBP, and did she know that "Honesty" was their slogan? Highly unusual. Be honest.
Even if others are not.
Even if others will not.
Even if others cannot.Thoroughly Christian. Thoroughly non-conformist. Jesus Christ was thoroughly non-conformist, wasn't he? He preached Love, didn't he? We might borrow from the BCBP and say Christ preached Love this way, always remembering that Love is a proactive verb, not a reactive noun: Love.
Even if others do not.
Even if others will not.
Even if others cannot.Capital Love. BCBP Capitol Hills is an Outreach of BCBP Quezon City. Today, the BCBP has 56 full Chapters, 8 Chapters-in-Trai…

A Class in Vocabulary. Arroyo's Delicadeza & De Lima's Dilemma

MANILA - Sometimes I'm just frank; sometimes I'm just hilarious; sometimes I'm just both - sometimes I'm just accommodating. Just watch! With her booboo on Mike Arroyo's 31 July 2011 trip to Hong Kong, it's just that Justice Secretary Leila De Lima has exhibited evidence that she is guilty of prejudging the case and, should it go to court, she should be barred from appearing as prosecutor or plaintiff. Justice Denied for Justice Denied. Mike Arroyo is a high-profile personality, so a low-profile text apology is not enough. I'll be watching - if she resigns, she has delicadeza like Senator Migz Zubiri (see my "His rival demands it; Migz Zubiri resigns. It was not the honorable thing to do; it was." Flipinos, Flips! That was one male chauvinist proud. The male of the species has acted honorably. Is it too much to ask for a female of the species, another Government official, to also show delicadeza? (Image from - she sh…

The Unexamined IQ. Of David Brooks, Shafir & Mullainathan

MANILA - There is this essay "The Unexamined Society" published in the New York Times issue of 07 July 2011, date as declared, but the unexamined URL says it was published 08 July 2011. Lawyers will figure, but figures don't lie. I can say that the author of that unexamined entry, David Brooks, is good at induction, I mean, jumping to conclusions. That is a behavior that I must assign to The Unexamined IQ, not the least that of David Brooks and of Eldar Shafir of Princeton and of Sendhil Mullainathan of Harvard. Boys of a feather flock together. For all its length, Brooks' 805-word essay (including his byline) makes much of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test, which belongs in the dustbin of psychological history and the trash can of educational theory. Your intelligence must be questioned if you insist that the IQ test is a good measure of mental capacity, creativity, and common sense. IQ is a wrong measure of intelligence; the truly intelligent know that. In The…

Manila Digital Divide. Is Aquino afraid of ICT, or his Boys?

MANILA - In the digital world, a Downgrade is an abomination, while an Upgrade is in fact an affirmation. With Philippine ICT, Senator Edgardo Angara wants an Upgrade; President Noynoy Aquino orders a Downgrade, so now we have The Manila Digital Divide - if you're not with IT, you're against IT. On 30 June 2011, Aquino issued Executive Order 47, which abolished the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) under the Office of the President, and created instead a lower-level Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) and put it under the Department of Science and Technology (DoST). So I know Noynoy Aquino knows How to exercise his executive fiat - I don't know Why. When it comes to power, let me put it this way:
A Commission has influence; an Office is under the influence. The President has influence; was this decision under the influence? Where did the President's decision come from: cyberspace or outer space? So, Noynoy Aquino del…

Catholic & pro-RH? I'm for condoms, contras, IUD, the injectable

MANILA - I'm a Roman Catholic; I didn't want to, but now I'm thinking of safe sex. You see, I have just read one, on my email the position paper of the very Catholic Bukás Loób sa Díyos Covenant Community on House Bill 96 (old number), and two, on his website very un-Catholic Representative Edcel Lagman'ssponsorship speech of House Bill 4244 (new ardor, same banana). And I can tell you that I'm in favor of that hard-earned banana. In 1,507 words, the BLD people express their strong objection to the passage of the RH Bill into Law; you can email me for a pdf copy if you wish: They are intelligent people; they don't need me to explain their side. In Rep Lagman's case, I have read and understood his published position on the matter, all of 2,048 words, and now I'm wishing so many of his wishes; here's a list of items not necessarily in the order of importance: use of condom during the sexual act
sex education starting at Gra…

Americans? Don’t be funny. Don't Do It!

MANILA - The Americans are very funny - even when they don’t want to be. Yes, it was laugh at first sight. You know the feeling, don’t you? I was laughing hard the very first time I read the news by Kathryn Kattalia of the New York Daily News with this headline: "Early HIV treatment could prevent transmission between partners, study shows" (13 May 2011, Funny they should Could when they could Would. What’s that again please: a treatment that Could? I know of a treatment that Would; let me whisper it: It’s called Silent Treatment. Don't Do It!More quotes: This is "a study that followed more than 1,700 couples around the world" - that would be called stalking around the world, wouldn't it? Don't Do It!"HIV patients who began taking antiretroviral drugs right after being diagnosed had a 96.3% reduction rate of transmitting the virus compared to those who delayed treatment" - you mean they had sex right after being diagnosed with…

May is month of Mary. Mother of Jesus, Model of Mothers

MANILA - In the US of A, the month of May is significant in that it is Older Americans Month, and I have written about it to help senior citizens celebrate (see my "US, Unhappy Seniors!? Citizens & The Real Generation Gap," Age of Discovery! I even suggested an Older Filipinos Month. After that, Neneng, a long-distance friend and mother, made me realize that May is more important than just being for exalting Mothers on the 8th, than just bringing honor to the older adults by recognizing their achievements as well as their health needs for all of 31 days. "Please write about mothers," she said. What could I say? I was not a Marian as the National Hero Jose Rizal was (see my "Charice dreams. Knights of Rizal Pablo Trillana III believes, I act?" Creattitudes, Was there anything new to say about an old topic? Then I thought about Mary as Mother. For sure, in the Philippines, when we think of May, we think of the Flowers of Ma…