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World, listen to me! Through the eyes of a Filipino

I am a Filipino, and proud of it! Before this, you probably have read the letter from a Korean living in the Philippines about what's not wrong and what's right about this country. This one is by a Filipino on the Philippines. As did the Korean letter, this came through the email, and having read and thought it great, I decided to publish it myself, with just a teeny-weeny bit of editing. (My photograph; I have titled it "A Barrel for the World" inspired by the writer of this, A Manifesto of One Filipino that I believe should be addressed to the world.) The original text is multi-colored, but I have to settle here for itals to highlight certain lines.  Through The Eyes Of A Filipino
By Hazelyne M Elgar Listen to me!
You might think we are a poor nation,
but when I look around me I do not see just poverty.
Instead, I see farmers, back bent from sun up till sun down nurturing the land.
I hear fisherfolks heaving, as they gamble with their lives
amidst angry winds and rough w…

Charice & Raquel. 2011, Mothers, love your Daughters & vice versa

MANILA - 2011, Year of the Rabbit. In Chinese horoscope, the Rabbit "signifies calm, diplomacy, sensitivity and consideration for others" ( Reading that, I think of 2010 backwards: mostly of Charice, mother Raquel, and brother Carl; the Pempengcos are mostly calm, diplomatic, sensitive, and considerate of others. Hey, nobody's perfect, no year either! Charice and Mommy Raquel are the cover girls for the Christmas 2010 issue of Good HousekeepingPhilippines. Jointly, their smiles are as radiant as any Christmas tree lit in New York's Rockefeller Center in any December. Good Housekeeping, you're perfect! The GHP cover story is well-written, by Bubbles Salvador, and she is right in presenting it as a combined Charice & Raquel story, as you can’t have one without the other. I thank Bubbles Salvador for telling us an old/new story that she tried to tell differently, and largely succeeded. Specifically, Frank H can thank her for these bits of informa…