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Angelo Reyes? To mourn or not to mourn

MANILA - Mid-morning news today, 08 February 2011, says "Former DND Secretary Angelo Reyes (committed) suicide" while he was with 2 of his sons and 2 aides visiting his mother's tomb; he had asked for them to leave him alone for a while, and then shot himself in the chest (Cocoy Dayao, 08 February 2011, That would be to the heart. Someone said those who fall from grace usually shoot themselves in the head. Was Secretary Reyes saying his conscience was clear (his head), but they had broken his spirit (his heart)? It happened at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City (PEP, Yahoo News). He was declared dead on arrival at the Quirino Memorial Hospital. This afternoon, I heard General Mariano Santiago say over DZBB (I don't listen to radio but my wife does and this time I was paying attention), that suicide was apparently the only way Secretary Reyes thought could redeem his honor, which is one of the high ideals of PMA graduates, which they both are. I…