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Ogle Google now! Gmail doesn't behave like she used to

MANILA - I love Gmail. I parted with Yahoo because of her. You know, the one with the big beautiful body. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her sometime in 2005. My son Jomar had told me about her. It's been more than a 6-year love affair, and it's been great! With Gmail, among other things, I love that I can easily find "Archive" and "Report spam" and "Delete" and "Move to Inbox" and "Labels" and "More Actions" and "Refresh." I love that I can delete a hundred spams with just 1 click of the mouse (another click to confirm). I can change my fonts and their sizes and colors, for emphasis. Now that for a book I have to read 3,000 email matters, many of them grouped as "Conversations," I love it that I can click "Expand all" and read, with each one of the letters opened for me. I also love that I can search the Web immediately even if I haven't left Gmail: I type my search …