Ogle Google now! Gmail doesn't behave like she used to


MANILA - I love Gmail. I parted with Yahoo because of her. You know, the one with the big beautiful body. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her sometime in 2005. My son Jomar had told me about her. It's been more than a 6-year love affair, and it's been great!

With Gmail, among other things, I love that I can easily find "Archive" and "Report spam" and "Delete" and "Move to Inbox" and "Labels" and "More Actions" and "Refresh." I love that I can delete a hundred spams with just 1 click of the mouse (another click to confirm). I can change my fonts and their sizes and colors, for emphasis.

Now that for a book I have to read 3,000 email matters, many of them grouped as "Conversations," I love it that I can click "Expand all" and read, with each one of the letters opened for me.

I also love that I can search the Web immediately even if I haven't left Gmail: I type my search term(s) and just click "Search the Web" instead of "Search Mail."

But my love is being threatened by Gmail herself, nagging and threatening separation. Girls will always be girls? What am I going to do with a love lost?!

I thought she loved me. Alas! For the last few weeks, I have been reading on top of my Gmail box this announcement:

You are almost out of space for your Gmail account. Once you run out of space, you will not be able to send or receive any emails until you delete some items.

Today, below my Gmail box it says (hard to read because it's in red against my tropical background):

You are currently using 7328 MB (96%) of your 7565 MB.

And you know what? I have been deleting a great many items (and times) but I still see my Space Free contracting and my Space Used expanding some more. This is unnerving, to say the least, does Gmail realize that?

In the early years, Gmail was happily expanding my email universe with her megabytes; now she is happily threatening me by constricting my storage space, and everyday reminding me that I am running out of space. What have I done except accept her generosity?!

Why can't Gmail accept that it is not me but she is running out of space?

Paradigm shift. The solution is very simple, and very smart: Right now and every year hence, let Gmail allow me to easily copy my emails from her hard disk and save them on mine, and then she can delete those files. In that case, I need only 1 GB from her, thank you very much. What's 1 gigabyte between lovers?

I made my first acquaintance with Gmail on 02 July 2007; today I have 22,438 mail matters (some consist of more than 1 email) - that's only 7.6 GB, and Gmail is complaining of a flood from Frank A Hilario! Now, I have in my Intel Core i7 desktop PC those 2 hard disks with a total storage space of 320 GB; I also just bought an external hard drive, Seagate, that is an additional 500 GB - so I shouldn't have any problem keeping my own email files, right? If you can't solve a problem, change the problem!

The trouble with Gmail is that she bit more than she could chew.

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