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Americans? Don’t be funny. Don't Do It!

MANILA - The Americans are very funny - even when they don’t want to be. Yes, it was laugh at first sight. You know the feeling, don’t you? I was laughing hard the very first time I read the news by Kathryn Kattalia of the New York Daily News with this headline: "Early HIV treatment could prevent transmission between partners, study shows" (13 May 2011, Funny they should Could when they could Would. What’s that again please: a treatment that Could? I know of a treatment that Would; let me whisper it: It’s called Silent Treatment. Don't Do It!More quotes: This is "a study that followed more than 1,700 couples around the world" - that would be called stalking around the world, wouldn't it? Don't Do It!"HIV patients who began taking antiretroviral drugs right after being diagnosed had a 96.3% reduction rate of transmitting the virus compared to those who delayed treatment" - you mean they had sex right after being diagnosed with…

May is month of Mary. Mother of Jesus, Model of Mothers

MANILA - In the US of A, the month of May is significant in that it is Older Americans Month, and I have written about it to help senior citizens celebrate (see my "US, Unhappy Seniors!? Citizens & The Real Generation Gap," Age of Discovery! I even suggested an Older Filipinos Month. After that, Neneng, a long-distance friend and mother, made me realize that May is more important than just being for exalting Mothers on the 8th, than just bringing honor to the older adults by recognizing their achievements as well as their health needs for all of 31 days. "Please write about mothers," she said. What could I say? I was not a Marian as the National Hero Jose Rizal was (see my "Charice dreams. Knights of Rizal Pablo Trillana III believes, I act?" Creattitudes, Was there anything new to say about an old topic? Then I thought about Mary as Mother. For sure, in the Philippines, when we think of May, we think of the Flowers of Ma…

ELISA at ICRISAT? That’s "Economics with a human face!"

PATANCHERU - Ever alert for the application of "Science with a human face" - the very idea which it so happens this photo beautifully shows - from India, the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) noted that on 4-6 May 2011 was held the World Economic Forum on Africa 2011 with the theme, "From Vision to Action, Africa's Next Chapter" ( Then in the same online advanced story, ICRISAT made a fundamental observation (ANN, author not named, The rich and powerful gather in South Africa this month to consider ways to "craft innovative partnerships between business and civil society." Yet there is little mention of agriculture on their agenda, despite over 60 percent of Africans working in the farming sector. We are talking of delegates from many countries attending the WorldEconomic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa; in those early days of this month, they came, they said, they concurred. No, th…