Americans? Don’t be funny. Don't Do It!

americans, don't do it!MANILA - The Americans are very funny - even when they don’t want to be. Yes, it was laugh at first sight. You know the feeling, don’t you? I was laughing hard the very first time I read the news by Kathryn Kattalia of the New York Daily News with this headline: "Early HIV treatment could prevent transmission between partners, study shows" (13 May 2011, Funny they should Could when they could Would. What’s that again please: a treatment that Could? I know of a treatment that Would; let me whisper it: It’s called Silent Treatment. Don't Do It!

More quotes: This is "a study that followed more than 1,700 couples around the world" - that would be called stalking around the world, wouldn't it? Don't Do It!

"HIV patients who began taking antiretroviral drugs right after being diagnosed had a 96.3% reduction rate of transmitting the virus compared to those who delayed treatment" - you mean they had sex right after being diagnosed with HIV? Don't Do It!

And "96.3% reduction rate of transmitting the virus" is not good enough - only 100% reduction rate is good enough. It's all very simple; if you want 100% reduction rate, here’s my advice, the only one that’s good enough: Don't Do It!

"The study, which started in 2005 ..." It took them 6 years to learn what not to do? I could have told them in 6 seconds flat - Don't Do It!

"The study ... looked at 1,763 heterosexual couples ..." - that would be invasion of privacy, wouldn't it? Don't Do It!

"The study ... looked at 1,763 heterosexual couples from 13 cities ..." And the report was made on 13 May - all this is a warning to be careful with the number 13, isn't it? Don't Do It!

“The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health …” My advice to the NIH: Don't Do It! 

“The study … was scheduled to end in 2015 …” My advice to the NIH is not to wait that long: Don't Do It!

"The study ... looked at 1,763 heterosexual couples from ... Botswana, Brazil, India, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Thailand, the United States and Zimbabwe ..." That's invaluable tourist information, isn't it? Warning to tourists, if you want to call it that. I call it Revelation. If you travel and want to avoid HIV, now you know in which countries you can find HIV! Don't Do It!

By the way, I live in the Philippines, not included in the study because it is a beautiful country with beautiful people who welcome tourists with a warmth, not a warning. This is a standing invitation. Please don’t just say, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Just Do It!

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